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The Moon Ch3

In the next two days, the girl completely abandoned the maidservant, and only entangled with this mysterious servant named Yue. In these two days, she experienced many things that children of her age had not experienced, and saw what they had never seen Things, also came up with countless ideas to toss the obedient servant, the girls often found her running around only when eating, but did not know that she had already gone to the snowy mountains and crossed the desert.

On the evening of the third day, the girl was sitting by the pool. There were several strange fish in the pool that she had caught from afar. She absently teased the fish with osmanthus, and her big eyes stared at the distance.

In the shade, Mrs. Liu took her seven-year-old son for a walk. Mr. Liu accompanied him and patiently taught his son to read poetry. From time to time, his son was amused and his expression was very satisfied.

The girl watched silently for a long time, her mouth flattened, her anger squeezed back.

It’s not rare!

The girl thought, looking at the person beside her instead.

The mysterious servant stood quietly beside him, like one of the most loyal guardians, under the low brim, his pretty nose and thin lips became more beautiful.

Discovering his carelessness, the girl beckoned unpleasantly: “Hey!”

He leaned over: “What did you tell me, my princess?”

She forced him to sit on the stone beside him, and then threw it in his arms: “I want to see what you look like!”

He is embarrassed: “This is not suitable.”

The girl can’t handle it properly, just reach out.

Without any obstruction, the cap was slowly lifted. As expected, the face was beautifully contoured, the skin was pale and delicate and nearly transparent, and the bridge of the nose was up, that should be his eyes…

A strong purple light flashed in front of her, and the girl shook her hand in fright, and the cap was closed again.

He asked softly, “Are you all right?”

The voice seemed to be magical. The girl was confused for no reason in her mind, but she couldn’t remember anything. She murmured “um”, and then completely put aside the matter, and felt very satisfied-since she was young Flattery, but no one would please her more than the person in front of him. He is really accommodating to her. He is a docile one. He can do things that others cannot, and he will listen to her seriously. A bunch of right and wrong, not even holding her brother to ignore her.

So she declared very seriously: “You are the best.”

He smiled and said, “Thank you for the praise, I am honored.”

She thought for a while and leaned into his ear and said, “I heard my mother told my father a few days ago that she would marry me, preferably the Wu family in the south of the city.”

He touched his chin and did not comment.

The Wu family is a big family in the Yin City, and has a relative relationship with the Wuyanghou House. It is far from the Liu family’s, but the young girl is good, and it is not impossible in the future. The Lius and his wife started to make ideas so early, naturally for the future of their son. , Human…

“I think about it,” the girl’s expression was solemn, as if she had made a very important decision. “I’m not going to Wu’s house, I want to marry you.”

He froze for a while and said, “This is not enough.”

She asked quickly, “Why not?”

“You are a child.”

“I’m not a kid!” Dissatisfaction.

He compromised consciously: “Well, you are a girl, a woman.”

After listening to the words in a perfunctory manner, the girl was angry: “Aren’t you listening to me?”

He couldn’t refute, thought for a while and thought: “Well, there is one night before our agreement is over, even if one day, you marry me one day.”

This time I changed the girl for a while. The two days were too happy and too pleasing. She almost forgot the agreement, but he was so good to her, she didn’t believe that he really belonged to her for only three days. Therefore, the girl didn’t care too much. She heard the call of the maidservant, and she quickly jumped from his arms: “You come again at night, I am married to you, you can sleep with me.”

Watching her go away, he stood up: “I haven’t tried to sleep with a child. In this kind of thing, she should first find her mother, not her husband.”

“Master, you are at any cost.”


When the girl used to eat, Mrs. Liu and his wife went out to play with their sons. The meals were always exquisite and delicious. The young ladies waited carelessly. The girl did not lose her temper as usual and scolded them. She ran to the garden after eating in a hurry.

However, the poolside was empty, and the obedient servant and “husband” did not wait for her, and he was gone.

The night was shrouded in the back garden, and the moon was high in the sky, but the “moon” that I was looking for was still missing. The girl went through most of the garden, and finally had to walk back along the path alone. The listless look, heavy tree shadows under her feet, and the sound of autumn insects beside her all made her mood worse.

Not far away, there was a flash of red light in the rockery.

“Who’s there!” The girl was irritated, yelling loudly without thinking, and shoved away the leaves to walk over.

In the corner behind the stone, a black figure stood facing away.

Seen from the back, he was not tall, wearing a very wide black cloak, and doing something with his head down, the red light was emitted from him, suddenly and suddenly, reflecting the surrounding mountains and rocks.

The girl stopped.

She knew it wasn’t a month, because the black cloak worn on the moon was mysterious and elegant. It was definitely not so ugly. The person in front of her looked like a huge ugly bat that just shrank, disgusting.

The girl looked at him rather disgustedly and asked, “Who are you, newcomer?”

The man turned around to her after hearing the words.

The girl didn’t pay attention to his appearance, because she saw the maid carrying him in her hand. She knew the maid and often scolded her in the back. She also said that she was naughty in front of her mother and broke the vase and pushed it on her. There was no scolding, but she knew that the mother believed the maid and believed that she had done it, but she was not so annoying, and she seized the opportunity to play hard with the maid.

At this moment, the annoying maid weakly dragged her head as if she had no bones.

Although the girl did not like her, she realized that she was in a bad situation and was busy: “What are you doing, let go of her!”

“Is it a baby girl?” The hoarse voice showed excitement, and the man walked towards her after throwing away the girl.

Dangerous breath approached, a strange bronze mask covered his face, a small hole exposed his mouth and scarlet eyes, evil and weird, his hands thin, shaped like ghost claws, long nails turned blue, very sharp, It looks like a sharp knife with a cold light.

The girl was scared and could not help but retreat.

Never seen such a terrible monster, it is not like humans! He must be the demon said by the grandmother! Cannibal demon! He wants to eat her?

Unprecedented fear came up, and the girl’s eyes widened and trembling, but she couldn’t make a sound.

Seeing that the terrifying nails were about to pinch her neck, suddenly–

“Ah!” The man screamed depressively, and quickly backed away. The cloak tilted and brought a gust of wind. All of a sudden the sand and rocks blew around, the branches and leaves rang, the trees fell, and then he disappeared from scratch!

The wind stopped, the park was silent, and the moonlight on the ground was like silver.

The girl looked back, and it took a lot of effort to open her mouth, her voice trembling: “Moon…Moon?”

“Well, it’s me,” his hands stretched out of his cloak, and he leaned over to hug her, “I was terrified, I’m sorry.”

The arms are no stranger, the girl’s heart calmed down immediately, and she behaved generously: “I know you will come back, the bad guy was scared away.”

“This man’s cultivation is not low, and there is a sign of fire escape,” a strange man’s voice suddenly sounded, “he is deliberately hiding his spells, for fear of being revealed.”

The girl found out that there was someone next to him, but he was standing in the shadow of the tree, his face hard to distinguish. Among the men the girl had seen, the month was already tall, but this person was slightly taller, and surprisingly thin, Like a thin bamboo pole, the clothes floated on him very funny, but his whole body exuded a cold breath, making the girl dare not give a little joke his thoughts.

“In recent years, there have been some accidents, all of which are caused by heart-eating devils. Xianmen kills the demon clan, which is a vicious way of marrying!”

Xianmen? demon? The girl quickly retracted into the cloak.

Yue said, “It’s true to eat, but it’s not a devil.”

“Not a demon?” The people under the tree were stunned. “Don’t he get the approval of the devil? What is he?”

“Tianji cannot be leaked.”

The man under the tree was silent for a moment and said, “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to doubt my intentions,” Yue smiled heavily, “I can only tell you, don’t mess with me, or you will be unlucky.”

“If you want me to cooperate, come up with reasons to trust me.”

“There is no reason, the future will confirm my correctness.”

“It’s her alone?” The other party chuckled slightly. “Your promise is too absurd. She has nothing special at all. My eyesight is not so bad.”

Yue laughed: “I appreciate your eyesight, but I know your identity.”

The other party no longer responded.

For a long time, the girl looked at the probe and found that there was no figure under the tree. She quickly whispered, “Moon?”


“Who is talking to you?”

“A lovely subordinate is also your future subordinate.”

“He’s not cute at all, I don’t want it!” The girl turned away and asked, pointing at the maid on the floor, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s fine.” Yue answered.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief and asked carefully, “Is that villain a demon?”


“Yes!” The girl insisted, “It’s a demon! Demon is so bad!”

“Okay, you are right.” He sighed helplessly, it seems that the plan is only a bit difficult.

The girl won’t be complacent after winning the dispute. She thought about it and she gave up on her own initiative: “You said it’s not a demon, then…I don’t think it’s good.”

He was surprised and laughed: “Then I want to thank you.”

“You are welcome,” the girl nodded politely at him. The situation just made her impressed, but did not make her aware of the serious consequences, so she was not in a bad mood. She looked at the sleeping girl on the ground and said, “She always Before the mother told me bad things, hate, we don’t care about her!”


So the two really no longer care about the maidservant and walked back to where the girl lived, but Mrs. Liu asked, the maid of the maidservant ran away, and of course he was not interested in sleeping with her. Look at the moon, the moon is still beautiful, round, big, golden yellow like the cake just eaten.

“I don’t like the moon,” the girl murmured, raising her face. “But if you call the moon, I can like it a little bit.”

She gave the gift with arrogance, but he nodded in spite: “It is an honor, princess.”

“I like you a little more,” the girl tilted her head and looked at him, reached out and touched his tall nose, and suddenly stood up and kissed on the thin lips, then quickly retracted him into his arms, pursing her mouth, a little bit Shyly, “This is how my mother kissed my father!”

He sighed: “Your father and mother are so negligent, let you see this.”

“Not good?” She opened her eyes puzzledly.

“No, it’s good,” he looked at the beautiful little face. “Kiss him if you need help in the future, maybe he will promise you.”

“Is it ok to kiss?” The evil teaching was very useful. She kissed him again immediately, “I want the moon, you pick the moon for me!”

He praised her learning speed: “The moon cannot be blasphemy, I can pick the stars for you.”

During the speech, something fell from the top of his head and stopped at his fingertips, shiny, with a soft and beautiful silver light, reflecting her delicate little face.

The girl saw that the huge purple water ring also circulated a fantasy light, lined with slender fingers, making her heart hang high, almost breathless.

He shook his finger, the water essence light immediately disappeared, let her notice the starlight.

“Stars!” The girl marveled and took over with joy in her palm.

The stars feel cool to the touch, smoother than jade, and more like a glowing dove egg.

The girl played for half a day, wondering: “The stars are so small?”

“This is a little star.” He gently took her palm, and the star floated slowly back to the sky.

The girl excitedly watched it disappear, and turned her gaze to the moon in the sky: “Nanny said that there is a fairy on the moon, is it true?”

The question that has been stuck in my heart has been involuntarily asked at this moment, because in her consciousness, this “husband” is omnipotent and omniscient, and he will definitely be able to tell her the correct answer.

He really replied: “Once there was a moon god.”

The girl was surprised: “Really? Does he live on the moon?”

“No, he lives in God Realm,” he shook his head. “The Moon God is the god selected by the moon. He controls the spirit of the lunar monarchy. He controls the God Realm with the Sun God and is respected by the gods. When the former moon god resigns, the moon will Choose a new moon god.”

Luna chosen by the moon! The girl said excitedly, “Where is God Realm? Let’s go find him!”

He sighed: “No, God Realm has long been overthrown, and Moon God… no longer exists.”


Because of the misty legend of the moon god, the girl really thought the moon was beautiful for the first time. She slept in his arms. She slept very sweetly this night. Although she didn’t do anything, she knew she was happy Happiness keeps expanding, filling the whole heart, and it will overflow soon.

In the early morning of the next day, the girl woke up very late and opened his eyes to see him standing in front of the bed as usual.

The girl was satisfied that he hadn’t awakened himself. She rubbed her eyes and raised her arms to hold him as usual.

He did not respond.

The girl shook her arm disapprovingly, “Hug me.”

“You forgot,” instead of obediently obediently, he raised a finger and shook her, “Three days later, my compensation is now over.”

The girl finally remembered that this was the fourth day, he would no longer take orders from her, she hadn’t paid each other’s agreement at all before. Just want to please her.

“I’m here to say goodbye to you,” the curved lips smiled as usual, and his voice was exceptionally clear. “You have already received my compensation, and the next step is to give.”

The girl noticed the phrase “Farewell” and was shocked: “Are you going?”

He nodded: “Of course.”

The girl stared blankly at him: “Do you care about me?”

“No,” he walked out the door unrelentingly, “I opened your destiny, and I have the power to give you the future, we will only have more and more connections.”

The girl couldn’t understand the words. Seeing that he was leaving, she was anxious and jumped out of bed to grab his cloak: “Hey!”

He stopped and looked down at her: “Is there any problem?”

The girl arrogantly ordered: “You are not allowed to go!”

“That won’t work.” He rightfully gave the most ruthless answer.

Seeing his firm attitude, the girl panicked, for the first time in her life, she abandoned her prestige and pride, looked up at him pitifully, and whispered, “I don’t want you to go, you…don’t you go?”

She was very hard, but he still broke away easily and couldn’t catch it.

The girl looked at her empty hand and knew that she couldn’t hold it back, only to make concessions: “Then you have to come back to see me!” The beautiful Xing’s eyes were red, tears swirled inside, and she looked like she was crying.

He was interested in this result: “Maybe it will.”

Maybe will? The pampered girl would never have thought that she would get this answer. She abandoned it mercilessly. In contrast to the previous Bai Yi Bai Shun, she fell from the highest point. The huge drop made her more unbearable-he would not If she listens to her again, she won’t take her to see the sea, she won’t pick stars for her, she will no longer be his princess.

The black figure disappeared outside the door and the girl chased out with a cry.

“You come back! You are not allowed to go!”

But after all, he left, walking through the wall as he came, and the girl was stopped on the side of the wall, desperately kicking the abominable thick wall with his feet, crying loudly, and causing the maids to panic.


The agreement was completed, and the man named Yue abandoned his little wife without hesitation and felt relieved.

“Human beings, feelings, finally got rid of her. I almost thought that I had become a milkmaid for these three days. She was really in trouble.”

“Master, you are too much.”

The cry behind him gradually weakened and disappeared. He walked slowly out of the long street: “I don’t mind having a woman, but marrying a child makes me feel guilty.”

“I am honored to witness your only morality.”

“Respect your master, Lan Chi.”

“This kind of compensation is unfair. She is still young and she is not sensible.”

“Because she is still young, I have to complete this transaction as soon as possible. When she grows up, the conditions proposed will not be so simple. I can’t guarantee to meet them.”

“For example to marry you.”

“It wouldn’t be a day,” he was very happy, “so, it was right early.”

“You used telepathy to hide her true face and used tricks to change the stars to lie to her. You didn’t complete her request at all.”

“But she didn’t pursue it,” he clearly had no guilt, “in short, I compensated her.”

“She will be fooled when she grows up.”

“She will only find out that these are her own choice, I did not take advantage.”

“You have taken advantage, master.”

“In any case, this transaction will continue,” he stood back and looked back, lifting his left hand from the cloak as if holding invisible things. “Now, destiny is about to open.”


Girls who betray the future are unaware of all this.

Liu Shao cried for a long time, but after all, she was still young, and she gradually became better after crying, but she was bored for several months. The wayward temperament not only did not have any convergence, but became more and more intensified, which was even more headache. Mr. Liu and his wife did not care about this. The daughter was born beautiful and well-known. She hoped that she would marry the Wu family in the future, which would help the brothers. Therefore, the two did not overly rebuke the lesson. people.

Everyone was busy all day long on Liu Xiaogong’s birthday and slept deeply at night.

Little Liu Shao was lying alone on the bed, a little scared, but she refrained from calling her tits, but retracted her body into the quilt.

Losing that fun “husband” is far more sad than losing fun things in the past. She didn’t complain to anyone about this, but he never remembered to come back to see her!

Seeing the moonlight in front of the window, the probe will feel more annoying.

Bah, so many people please her, who wants him!

Unconsciously, there was a familiar smell faintly in the air, and there was a sound of “peeling and peeling” outside, mixed with the screams of the girls, and gradually, choking smoke drifted into the room.

Liu Shao noticed something was wrong and jumped out of bed to see.

The firelight, the terrible firelight, reflected the sky above me, the courtyard where the father and mother lived, the house where the people lived… all submerged in a sea of ​​fire, and the flames roared to her in front of her with the help of the wind. The devil’s tongue seemed to roll her up and swallow it.

“Jing’er!” Mrs. Liu’s cry faintly floated, “Master, save Jing’er!”

“Where are you–“


The skin was roasted with pain, Liu Shao opened his mouth in horror, and finally made no noise. Seeing that there was no one in the next room, she clenched her lips tightly and ran to the back door.

Behind him, the giant wooden eaves slammed down and Mars splashed.

Liu Shao ran out of the back door all the way, and found that the entire street was covered by fire. Many people came from all directions to save the fire. The crying cried out. No one noticed her. She was knocked down several times.

Taking over the son from the hands of the servants, Master Liu and his wife were finally at ease.

What Mrs. Liu suddenly remembered: “Will Liushanger?”

Liu Shao surprisingly calmed down and stepped forward: “I’m here.”

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