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A Gallant Army

A Gallant Army
Other Title: 老虎队 / Lao Hu Dui

Genres: drama, period
Chen Jian
Luo Ye
Release Date: 
March 31, 2019
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 In 1948, Mao Bao, the commander of a certain column of the East China Field Army, met his long-lost brother Lu Shengwen in a battle, but at this time the two had each become the leader. In an exchange of fire, Lu Shengwen broke through and escaped. The commander cherishes Mao Bao’s military talents, let him make up for it, and form a vanguard force called the “Tiger Team.” The Battle of Huaihai started and the Tigers, as the vanguard, were invincible under Mao Bao’s command.

At this time, Mao Bao and Lu Shengwen met again. The Kuomintang army led by Lu Shengwen retreats steadily, Mao Bao went deep into the tiger’s den to persuade, and finally Lu Shengwen chose to abandon the dark and cast the light. Two passionate men with innocent hearts fight and cherish each other on the chessboard of fate, and finally join hands to fight for justice, freedom, and liberation of China.

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