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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 38 Recap

The villagers surrounded Xiaofan and Shishi. Shishi didn’t want Xiaofan to be framed, so Shishi spoke to defend Xiaofan, pushing the stick in the hands of the villagers and hitting Shishi’s head. Sanniang worried, after all, Shishi is the son of Sister Jiang. Xiaofan promised to find the real murderer by himself within three days, and Sanniang agreed, indicating that he would temporarily seize the stone.

At Sanniang’s inn, Li Xun asserted that Xiaofan was the murderer after hearing about the incident. Xueqi assured Xiaofan. Sanniang said that she also believed that the murderer was not Xiaofan, but she was sure that the murderer and Xiaofan and his party could not take off. She wants Xiao Fan and others to leave Xiaochi Town tonight, otherwise she is not sure what will happen.

Xiaofan and Xueqi were walking on the road. He told Xueqi that he had seen Baguio when he was in the flower field with Shito at noon. Last night, he ran into Baguio while chasing a mysterious man. Following Li Xun heard the conversation between Xiaofan and Xueqi, he immediately yelled, saying that his speculation was correct, that Xiaofan and Baguio had colluded and killed the old village chief. Xiaofan told Li Xun and Xueqi that the village chief should have been killed by a mysterious person who was with Baguio, and had nothing to do with Baguio.

In the desert, Baguio was worried about Xiaofan’s injury. Qin Wuyan told Baguio not to worry because Zhang Xiaofan killed the old village chief with a cruel heart. Baguio said that she felt that Zhang Xiaofan was not like a cruel person because when she fought him, He did not fight back. Qin Wuyan made up the past. He told Baguio that Zhang Xiaofan used Baguio to separate her and the ghost king, and took Baguio as a hostage all the way, causing her to be injured.

Thanks to his tracking all the way to Dinghai Villa, he rescued Baguio. Qin Wuyan also falsely accused Zhang Xiaofan of pushing Baguio off the cliff for her own safety. Baguio tried to remember the past, but she had a headache. She believed Qin Wuyan’s words and said that she would never let Zhang Xiaofan go.

Xiao Fan, Xueqi, and Li Xun came to the village chief’s house again and found the fox’s hair. Xiao Fan suspected that the iris flowers all over the yard were hiding something. He and Li Xun dug up the soil and found the fox’s body. Xiao Fan felt that the corpse in front of him was probably the old village chief, and they planted flowers to cover up the evil spirit on their bodies. Luo Ye also came to the village chief’s house and told Xiaofan that Shushu had been taken away by others.

After Xiaofan told Luo Ye of his guess, Luo Ye directly said that the rumor was true. It turned out that there is a legend here. In a town, the people in the town are all monsters. Upon hearing this, Li Xun suggested that Sanniang and others should be tied up first. Xiaofan and Xueqi thought that they should not act rashly. Shushu has the ability to respond and can protect themselves, and they agreed to Sanniang to leave. They might as well leave first and watch the changes.

Heishidong, Xiaohuan and Shushu were imprisoned here. They saw six tails bound by iron chains, and the ice pierced by the ice in the six tails. The six tails were so painful that Shushu recognized the six tails. From the mouth of the book, six I learned that Xiaofan had also come to Xiaochi Town. Shushu understood the whole story. Sanniang stole the Xuanhuojian and captured Xiaohuan as a sacrifice to save Liuwei.

Liuwei said that he would persuade Sanniang not to let her do so. Shushu helped him suppress the methamphetamine inside Liuwei. Shushu understood that the key to saving Liuwei was to solve his demons. Shushu decided to leave with Xiaohuan first, and then discuss how to proceed after seeing Xiaofan. But he took the small ring around the hole and couldn’t find the exit.

Xiaofan, Luo Ye, Xueqi and others left Xiaochi Town. They speculated that Xiaohuan and Xuanhuojian could not be separated from Sanniang. Xiaofan decided to sneak into Xiaochi Town at night and rescue the stones. Luo Ye worried about Xiaofan’s safety. , Gave Xiaofan a bottle of Zhen Yao San, and let him sprinkle it in the water of the Full Moon Well to temporarily suppress the fox monster’s cultivation.

Xiao Fan picked up the powder and sprinkled it in the well water. Baguio, who was standing behind Xiao Fan, saw this scene. Baguio, who didn’t know Xiao Fan’s intentions, accused Xiao Fan of being a scumbag and fought with Xiao Fan. Xiao Fan saw that Baguio seemed to have forgotten himself. When the two played against each other, the golden bell in Baguio’s hand sensed. At that moment, a scene of life and death between her and Xiao Fan flashed through her mind. Xiaofan took away Baguio’s Heartbroken Flower.

Later, Xiaofan told Xueqi about Baguio’s amnesia. After talking, Xiaofan realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly took Xueqi back to Xiaochi Town. Seeing the people in the village lying on the ground in pain, Xiaofan came to Sanniang. Seeing Sanniang’s face in pain, Sanniang thought that Xiaofan had deliberately poisoned the water, so she wanted to attack Xiaofan and Xueqi. When Xueqi returned, she found that her cultivation was suppressed. When both losers are hurt, Luo Ye walks in with Li Xun who is unconscious. He laments that Qingyun disciple and the fox demon are fighting against each other.

It turned out that Luo Ye was the masked horse thief who kidnapped Xiaofan and others that day. He colluded with Qin Wuyan, designed to frame everyone, tied up Xiaofan Sanniang and Xueqi, frantically trying to suck Sanniang’s cultivation base, and Baguio and Qin Wuyan also rushed to stop Luo Ye’s behavior at this time.

Baguio asked Luo Ye and Qin Wuyan to go out first, and they had to chat with Zhang Xiaofan alone. Xiaofan looked at Baguio, who was full of resentment towards him, and knew that someone had erased Baguio’s memory. He told Baguio that it was okay if she didn’t remember the past, so that she could have a good time. Qin Wuyan went and returned, asking Baguio to kill Xiaofan. Baguio once again recalled some clips of getting along with Xiaofan. Baguio was not willing to do anything, but Qin Wuyan kept talking in Baguio’s ears, and Baguio took action. Xiao Fan stunned.

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