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The story of the clock in Chongwenmen

According to legend, when the Beijing city was being repaired a long time ago, evil dragons acted as strangers and sent water everywhere. Either you can’t beat a wall here, or you can’t dig dirt there. Liu Bowen couldn’t help but catch the dragon every day. At that time, this place in Beijing city was Jiulongkou, and there was a disturbance in Jiulong.

Liu Bowen grabbed one town by one, some under the White Pagoda Temple, some under the stagnant new bridge, some locked in a well, and some rushed to the mountain. In the end there was a dragon, very vicious, running from the South City to the North City, and from the West City to the East City, it was impossible to catch it. Liu Bowen is a veteran, and his nose is crooked with anger.

On this day, he was ascending to the military tent, and suddenly someone reported that the dragon had got under the Houmen Bridge and ran from Shichahai to Longtan Lake. Liu Bowen said: “Catch me!” He led the soldiers to Longtan Lake. As soon as I arrived at Longtan Lake, someone reported that I had reached Liuliqiao. Liu Bowen chased to Liuliqiao, and someone reported that he had returned to Chongwenmen, arching all the city walls down. Liu Bowen looked at it and couldn’t. It’s not a way to chase it like this, you have to think about it. He thought about it, came up with an idea, and went to see King Tota Lee.

Tota king Li Jing and Erlang Shen are playing chess. As soon as Liu Bowen came, he said, “I am Liu Bowen, an army guardian of the Ming Dynasty, and I will supervise the city of Beijing. I invite the Heavenly King to protect me.”

Li Jing, the king of Tota, said: “I am a god, I only care about the sky, no matter the underground.”

Liu Bowen bowed deeply: “Evil dragons on the ground are in chaos, and there is no guardian of the heavenly kings, let alone repairing Beijing, even the Ming Dynasty cannot stand.”

Tota King Li Jing heard this and felt that the matter was of great importance, so he asked Bowen Liu: “How do you tell me to do my best?”

Liu Bowen smiled and said, “You don’t need the lower realm of the heavenly king, just borrow the pagoda for use.”

Li Jing thought, the pagoda is the magical artifact in my hand, how can I borrow it, so he said: “The magical tower weighs a hundred jin, how can you take it away.”

Liu Bowen said: “As long as the king is willing to borrow, I have my own way.”

Tota Heavenly King Li Jing looked at Liu Bowen, took out the pagoda from his sleeve, held it in front of Liu Bowen, and shouted: “Big—” and the pagoda stood upright. Liu Bowen calmly took a stroke with Shangfang’s sword, shook it with a feather feather fan, and said: “Small—”, the pagoda was immediately as small as an awl. When Li Tianwang saw that he had some magic skills, he lent it to him.

Liu Bowen took the pagoda to heal the dragon. At this time, the dragon was making waves, causing the wall to fall and everyone was afraid. Liu Bowen yelled: “Nielong, where can you escape? You still don’t obey the law!” But the dragon flicked its tail and flew into the air. Then the wind and rain, thunder and lightning, rioted for three days and three nights. Liu Bowen thought, the dragon is stinging in the winter solstice. When you raise your head in February, I will wait for you to sting and then pick you up.

At the winter solstice, the dragon really stung. Liu Bowen determined that it was stubbornly living in Nanhaizi, so he took the pagoda to catch it. When he got there, he didn’t say anything. He threw the Demon Suppression Pagoda into the air and said, “Big—”. The tower grew big and stood upright, pressing down half of Haizi, and pressing the dragon’s head. . Liu Bowen locked the dragon with an iron chain. He said casually: “Little—”, and the pagoda became a small awl again. Liu Bowen smiled at the evil dragon: “You exhausted me so hard, this time I see what you can do.” After speaking, he brought him back and locked it on the suspension bridge of Chongwenmen. Since then, Beijing’s city walls have been repaired.

After the dragon woke up, he saw that his whole body was locked and he couldn’t move, he asked Liu Bowen, “When can I come out?” Liu Bowen pointed to the tower of Chongwen Gate and said, “When will this tower be upstairs?” , You are out.”

The evil dragon was very happy to hear that, he thought, it’s not good to play dictionaries, don’t you play dictionaries every day! He waited quietly. Unexpectedly, Liu Bowen used a way to make the clock on the Chongwenmen Gate Tower ring instead of the classics. He also built the pagoda of the Tota Heavenly King in the city wall. This time, the dragon would never stand up.

From then on, every evening the soldiers guarding the city at Chongwen Gate picked up the big mallet and knocked on the big dome clock on the frame. With a knock, the dragon jumped, but no matter how it jumped, he couldn’t get out. Where is the pagoda of Tota? It is said that just to the east of Chongwenmen, under the second crevice of the city wall, is a small iron tower with octagonal cornices on the nine-level Buddha statue. People had seen it when the city wall was demolished. But what about the dragon? But I don’t know when it will be gone.

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