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Category: Technology

Reviews: OBS Studio Software

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) For Windows, Mac or Linux. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS, is a free and open […]

Reviews: Asus Cerberus Gaming Mouse

Asus CERBERUS Gaming Mouse In conclusion, who is Asus Cerberus Gaming Mouse suitable for ?The Asus Cerberus gaming mouse is a mouse suitable for the average user because it has […]

Review: Mionix Castor Optical Gaming Mouse

Mionix Castor Optical Gaming mouse General Details Inside, the Mionix Castor gaming mouse is powered by Omron switches that support more than 10 million clicks and is powered by Pixart’s […]

Reviews: Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless Headphones

Review of Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones In conclusion, who are the Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones suitable for? Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones , moderate price, but packed with […]

Rainwater harvesting module style

Description Rainwater purification methods: Rainwater purification methods are divided into two types: physicochemical treatment and biochemical treatment. Physical and chemical methods include: filtration, precipitation, coagulation, adsorption, air flotation, membrane separation, […]

What is the concept of 6G network

6G, the sixth-generation mobile communication standard, is also known as the sixth-generation mobile communication technology. The main promotion is the development of the Internet of Things. As of November 2019, […]

Mars SketchUp plugin

Mars SketchUp plug-in, one-click placement of a large number of boutique models, one-click synchronization of Mars & SketchUp, and one-click synchronization update of SketchUp and Mars perspectives. In addition, you […]