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Romantic date at home, Samsung TV allows you to enjoy a cinematic experience without leaving home

The annual Valentine’s Day is coming, and the sense of ritual may not just refer to flowers, candlelight and dinner. Lying on a soft sofa with a loved one and enjoying a good family time is another romantic option on such a holiday with the theme of love and companionship. It is precisely because of this that new home audio and video entertainment methods are quietly emerging.

If you want to create a cinema-level viewing experience at home, you cannot do without an excellent TV product. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV allows you to enjoy a cinema-level audio-visual experience without leaving your home. Going home is a cinema, and Valentine’s Day is more than one day.

Cinema quality experience, more atmosphere at home

Contemporary people are often coerced by busy work, and occasionally forgetting life is the key. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or the Lantern Festival, life requires a sense of ritual, choose a favorite movie, and the family sits around the TV to feel the meaning of companionship, making everything simpler and more interesting. When it comes to watching movies at home, picture quality has always been one of the important factors affecting people’s movie viewing experience.

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV uses a quantum Mini LED screen and is equipped with quantum dot matrix technology, which not only reduces the size of the light source, but also accurately controls the brightness level of the LED to achieve better light control effect, highlight the contrast between light and dark, and have more visual tension. At the same time, the Neo quantum dot 8K processor, which is an important guarantee for Samsung TV picture quality, can optimize the scene through up to 16 different neural network models, so that each frame has 33 million pixels, with AI image enhancement function , even for low-resolution old movies, you can get a clear and pure viewing experience.

Immersive cinema sound effects, enjoy love and company

A good viewing time, in addition to excellent picture quality performance, also has an immersive sound effect experience full of atmosphere. Samsung Neo QLED 8K is committed to creating an excellent home theater, bringing the whole family closer. While having realistic picture quality, Samsung Neo QLED 8K’s good sound image restoration and shocking sound effects are also one of the charms of private home theaters. .

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV has also been fully upgraded in sound quality, using the full-channel audio and video tracking OTS Pro technology, so that the sound can closely follow the changes of the picture, bringing immersive audio and video effects. Samsung’s specially created Q-Symphony technology creates a more refined surround sound effect, allowing sound to come from all directions, bringing people “into” the world on the screen for an immersive listening experience.

Both practical and aesthetic, add color to the warmth of home

The TV is located in the golden position of the living room, which can add a lot of bright colors to the decoration design of the living room and make the living room space colorful. A TV with a novel design not only makes people happy, but also gives life more beauty and ritual. In addition to excellent picture and sound quality, the design of Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV is also very ingenious.

The design of “Super Sensing Full View Screen” and the extremely narrow frame of the TV create a strong sense of unity and luxury. The reduction of the area of ​​the black frame line dilutes the boundary between the screen and the surrounding environment, weakens visual interference, and extends the field of vision at the same time. Improve the impact of the screen. Samsung takes minimalist aesthetics to the extreme. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV has a slim body, which not only saves space, but also makes it better integrated with home decoration design, improving the overall aesthetics and fashion sense of the home environment.

With Samsung Neo QLED 8K, you can not only have a cinema-level immersive viewing experience, but also enjoy a relaxing and comfortable private space with your family, deepening the emotional resonance between family members. This Valentine’s Day, take time out to accompany your loved ones and spend quality time at home with the Samsung Neo QLED 8K.

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