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Reviews: Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless Headphones

Review of Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones

In conclusion, who are the Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones suitable for?

Aukey EP-T27 True Wireless headphones , moderate price, but packed with functions and the ability to be at a premium level, not losing products at the flagship level from other brands as a product from the brand Popular mobile accessories like Aukey, even if it comes with full functionality, but the price point is at the very friendly level.

Aukey EP-T27 is suitable for those who are looking for True Wireless headphones.Designed to be easy to wear and fit comfortably in the ears. with complete functions to meet the needs of use Both stable connection with internal chipset from Qualcomm model QCC3040 can be used to watch online movies without delay.

Including playing games without delay as well Support wireless audio transmission via aptX wireless codec, convenient control at your fingertips with touch. Meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts with IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof standards.

Up to 4 microphones pick up clear sound with every contact and eliminate noise with cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction Technology and up to 5 hours of battery life. and can be charged 3 more times from the case for a total of 20 hours, it can be said that it can be used for a long time You definitely don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

Cool appearance, comfortable to wear, close to the ears

Aukey EP-T27 is a true wireless earbuds in-ear wear with a premium appearance. That is cool and luxurious, and it’s really nice to use. It’s easy to put on and it feels comfortable when you put it on. Fit your ears with a compact size. Not too big with a super light weight, only 7 grams per side, including easy to control and extremely convenient. at your fingertips with touch.

Stable connection, watching movies, playing games, no delay

On the connection side, Aukey EP-T27 is also supplied fully by choosing the internal chipset from Qualcomm, the QCC3040 model, providing stable signal quality. No slipping or twitching Use to watch movies online smoothly without any delay in both video and audio, including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ hotstar, as well as playing games smoothly with almost no delay as well without having to switch to Game Mode to mess with.

Supports Lossless audio and crystal clear mics.

Besides being able to watch movies online without delay, the Aukey EP-T27 also supports wireless transmission of CD-equivalent high-quality audio via aptX wireless codec. Conversations are crystal clear with every contact. and every situation with up to 4 microphones and cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction Technology noise cancellation function as well.

Waterproof and battery 5 hours

For the fitness line, it is definitely an answer with the ability to be waterproof and sweatproof. The IPX7 standard will be worn until running until sweaty or wearing it for running in the rain, no problem. about water causing any harm headphones for sure As for the battery, it comes in full form as well. Which can be used for up to 5 hours, then can be recharged from the charging case up to 3 times, for a total of up to 20 hours of use.

Audio Review

In terms of sound, it is very well done with a 6 mm internal driver with fine tuning according to Aukey’s style. Sound is fun in every area. The sound in the middle area is clear. The sound is clear, clean, full of detail. Both vocals are clear and crystal clear and can be heard clearly. various musical instruments that are sparkling The sound is cool and comfortable to listen to. As for the Laem Sung district, it stretches far enough.

Chasing the notes directly, without any false sound. The sound is moist, not dry, can be heard for a long time, no splinter cuts to the ears. The bass area can go deep into the heart. Massive, dense bass. The transmission power is good. It’s definitely satisfying. The end of the bass can be stored quickly and does not float away. medium sound stage but the musical instruments are arranged in an orderly manner, no area overlaps and clearly distribute the sound dimensions.

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