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Getting rid of hidden advertising apps on Android

Google is starting to pay more attention to this problem and regularly pulls it from the Play Store (some people know, some don’t know, depending on the severity of the problem). Don’t download free paid apps, porn apps, cheat apps. Because don’t forget that things are not right. It’s often created by people who don’t do it right and shouldn’t as well.
As for whether the antivirus is now necessary for android or not…I haven’t installed it in my device yet. because I still believe that not to interfere with the strange web or greedy for something free It’s a way to keep yourself out of the problem to some degree and Google & Android itself has protection in them.

For anyone who has a problem Or is there any other solution? Let’s share. Let’s share. We can help each other prevent future problems. For today, I would like to suggest a simple method as follows.

“There are ads coming up all the time, what should I do?” “The icon likes to come up all the time” “Suddenly came to this ad page” Recently, people come to me and help me to solve this problem so often that it’s day by day. It will gradually become heavier and more and more strange. Today we would like to share the problem and how to fix it.

The main problems encountered during this period:

  • Star or dot ads on the notification bar
  • Adjust your browser homepage to ads.
  • Add your own icons to your homescreen.
  • Open an ad every time

These are some of the ways to earn money from app creators. After many developers thought that just putting ads in apps only started to not work much. Because there are not many people press and it’s difficult to find a good position. So I chose to use the above methods to embed them into my own apps. Whenever we load the app into the device, we will encounter problems…yes. all problems caused by the app that we have loaded

But don’t worry because all this can be done in a simple way as follows.

Download the Lookout Ad Network Detector app and try to scan it first. If there are any apps listed in steps 1-3, please delete those apps.

If the Lookout app can’t find it, try the basics here.

when you see an ad on the notification bar Drag down and hold the notification to see which app is the problem. and then press to delete

Or if it comes directly to the ad page, you can press home to come out to the homescreen and press the app switcher page to see which app that just opened itself just now. As before, press and hold on that app to go in and delete it, and that’s it.
**or if you want our machine Like when buying new It can be done. The important thing is to get rid of the ad spam as well.

clean android

in such an economy want to change new phone We have to think and weigh each other first. If our mobile phone is still usable? But why is it so slow? Today, I recommend you to set the phone to the Android system as fast as when you bought a new one, which is how to clean the device.

before washing the machine should keep the image file Save all the videos on your computer first, or if you have a cloud like Dropbox or google Drive, you can upload them to it as well.

Go to the application page, find the settings menu (gear shape), then tap to enter.

Make sure to set up a backup first, because wiping the device will cause all data to be lost. If we have backed up, we can retrieve information such as phone numbers, contact emails, back again, not disappearing. After backing up, select Go to “Reset phone”

After this, Android will prompt us to enter a code to verify the reset. When finished, reset, the device will restart like when we just bought it. which certifies that We can clearly feel the smoothness.


**Clean all Android devices, you need to login, Facebook, Line, etc. Before cleaning, you need to make sure that you remember the various login passwords because they will be cleared.

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