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Facebook renames “Meta” preparing for the metaverse

News of the announcement about Facebook’s name change (Facebook) to Meta (Meta) is the big news that was discussed around the world. Even, in reality, Leading Silicon Valley companies will have their names changed from time to time. In the case of Google, which built a holding company around a search engine-based company called Alphabet. Facebook announced a new name change. Facebook Connect, along with the rebranding of its VR device, Oculus, is going to use a name that is completely synonymous with the word Meta, laying the groundwork for it to become the Metaverse company, something that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and co-founder of Facebook had a dream come true.

It’s interesting to rebrand from Facebook to Meta. It pushes up amid the problems of Facebook, which have been accumulated for a long time and it was erupted by a revelation by Frances Haugen, who carried thousands of documents to the Wall Street Journal before giving further testimony to Congress. Until it became an issue that the media around the world called this event Facebook Paper.

The contents of the document that Haugen came out to reveal, there are many issues. Both the issue of Facebook neglecting online security. It’s not really interested in dealing with fake news, while the Wall Street Journal, the vanguard of bullying Facebook, said. Facebook’s artificial intelligence system Only about 5 percent of people are able to handle hate speech.

All the issues raised were Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg is good. or a spokesperson for Facebook They all denied all the allegations. Even before the rebranding, there was news that Facebook could no longer deal with the leak of corporate documents. until a policy is issued for employees to talk about work in a more private manner There is a limited group of people who can access each topic of discussion. to reduce the chance of document leaks

This is not to mention Facebook’s growth since it took over the world’s population so much. As a result, Congress has the idea to control Facebook within the framework. or even had news that Congress used to think of splitting Facebook’s companies into parts, known as tearing Facebook apart from Instagram and WhatsApp.

To be honest, these are just some of Facebook’s problems over the years. Facebook rebranding announcement Internet citizens of the world Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform, the rebrand has been raised for a number of reasons, and read this game. He said in an interview with The Verge that he had been thinking about changing the company’s name when he bought Instagram and WhatsApp. 2012 and 2014 because of the Facebook that he saw from the vision. It has come too far to use the word Facebook, which is no longer in line with what the company will do in the future.

Changing the name from Facebook to meta is to show that ambition Facebook is about to be more than just a company. Social media make the organization clear that they are going to soar into the metaverse. Choosing to use the word “meta” for a company, a name that is easy to communicate and clear.

I believe that in the case of the rebranding of Facebook They’re likely to go through some of Google’s previous rebranding studies. Because in 2015, Google no longer saw itself as a search engine company. At that time, Google did a lot of things. It’s hard to take fingerprints are counted whether DeepMind, Waymo, Google X, the operating system Android, Pixel Phone, YouTube, and many more. However, from the meta or Facebook. NS Ambitious, imaginative to reach the world of Metaverse. As a result, many people are beginning to worry about whether the meta is trying to monopolize the world of Metaverse.

This, Mark Zuckerberg insists, is not because what Facebook is trying to develop is a product. Create an experience of accessing the metaverse world. by all this, It should be compatible on different platforms. And Facebook doesn’t even have the idea of ​​profiting from the sale of the metaverse world device.

I’m guessing that what Facebook needs is user data in each user’s metaverse world before privatization in the form of advertisements. When it comes to user information There would probably be a question mark with a company like Meta. We trust them to do this, Mark Kerr, Zach Burke. confirm that This rebrand It was not an act of escaping from a bad reputation. of Facebook that has occurred over the years. Ultimately, it depends on whether the reader believes Mark’s words. How much is Zuckerberg?

source: thairath

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