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5 Main Causes of Totally Dead Laptops, Here’s a Brief Explanation and How to Fix It!

Currently, laptops are one of the technologies with very frequent uses in everyday life, starting from school, work, and so on. but the name is also electronic goods, so this laptop can also be damaged in use.

Where one of the problems or problems when using this laptop is a total death. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the causes of a totally dead laptop. just look at the explanation as below.

1) Problems with RAM

This RAM has a function to temporarily store data from an application that is being run. Where when the indicator lights, fans, and engines are on but the screen doesn’t show anything, it should be suspected.

Where these indications are the characteristics of a totally dead laptop because of problematic RAM. When this condition occurs, most of the data processing is displayed and makes the screen blank.

For a fix, try removing the RAM and cleaning the pins with a pencil eraser and then reinstalling it. Install the RAM into a different socket if there are still 2 RAM sockets on the mainboard.

Also make sure the RAM is installed in perfect condition. If the laptop still displays a blank screen then another cause that occurs is damage to the RAM, it is recommended that you replace it with a new one.

2) Problem with Mainboard

Make sure first that the cause is a mainboard problem by removing components including hard drives, DVDs, WiFi cards, and so on. then clean all components from dust. When it is, put it back on its respective motion.

If the mainboard still does not work, there is a possibility that the cause of the laptop is completely dead, namely a problem with the main board. The last step to make sure is to check whether there are components that are burned or not. if that happens, the laptop owner must immediately replace it.

3) There is a Virus or Malware

With a lot of viruses and malware, it can cause laptop performance to be slow, heat up quickly and even potentially the laptop can die suddenly. The fix is ​​to clean the laptop from virus interference with various anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Perform a laptop scan with anti-virus and anti-malware that has been updated regularly to keep the laptop safe and performance awake.

4) There is an Operating System Error

Where this cause is caused by frequent tinkering with the operating system or changing the drivers on the laptop. Especially if you have played with the BIOS> this driver error can turn the laptop off completely. The fix is ​​to check for crash drivers, when the laptop restarts, look at the dump file at the top of the crash post.

5) There is a problem with the Laptop Processor

Maybe one of the causes of your laptop being completely dead is due to an error in the processor. In general, the cause of the laptop being completely dead, the influence of this processor is when there is damage there.

If the processor is damaged, it is certain that the laptop will lose control and cannot give orders to other components to be able to work optimally. For a damaged processor this can be due to overheating.

Where the cause of the laptop shuts down completely due to the influence of the processor, it also varies from the processor paste that is experiencing dryness, dirty fans and heatsinks. Jaci fixes this by cleaning the paste that sticks and replacing it with a new one. Then put it back in the correct position.

Thus, this article has discussed some of the main causes of a laptop that is completely dead along with an explanation and how to fix it. Hopefully the information this time can be helpful and useful for those of you who have the same problem.

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