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Artificial intelligence experts warn that today’s large neural networks may have ‘slight autonomy’

Technology is advancing rapidly, and artificial intelligence built on large neural networks is helping solve problems in finance, research, and medicine. Someone asks, can artificial intelligence produce human consciousness so far? According to foreign media “Daily Mail”, an expert believes that artificial intelligence may have begun to gain consciousness.

Last week, OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever reportedly claimed on Twitter that “large neural networks today may have a slight sense of autonomy.”

Sutskever may be joking, but it’s also conceivable that, as a top researcher on one of the world’s most important AI teams, he may indeed have discovered that very large-scale neural networks have developed differently. It’s unclear what “slightly conscious” actually means, as the concept of consciousness in AI is a controversial idea.

An artificial intelligence neural network is a collection of connected units or nodes that model neurons in a biological brain and can be trained to perform tasks and activities without human input. However, most experts say these systems are not even close to human intelligence, let alone consciousness.

Sutskever reportedly faced backlash shortly after tweeting, with most researchers worried that he was exaggerating and overstating how advanced artificial intelligence had become.

Thomas G Dietterich, an AI expert at Oregon State University, tweeted that he had not seen any evidence that the AI ​​was intentional, and suggested that Stuskever was “deliberately posting inflammatory content.”

Other experts in the field say that no matter how intelligent and autonomous AI agents become in some ways, they will likely remain mindless machines or specialized devices that support humans in specific, complex tasks, at least for the foreseeable future.

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