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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 25 Recap

Tantai Jin confirmed that the porridge was specially made by Ye Xiwu for herself, and asked Ye Xiwu to feed it to herself. Seeing that Ye Xiwu really planned to feed herself porridge, Tantai Jin used illusion to control Ye Xiwu. live.

Tantai Jin asked Erbai Yu to check the poison in the porridge, and found that the poison came from the peacock gall of the Sheng Kingdom, and those who consumed the poison would die instantly and there was no antidote. Disappointed, Tantaijin casts the Weak Water Conjuration Technique on Ye Xiwu, and learns that Ye Xiwu wants to kill herself to save Xiao Lin. Tantaijin misunderstands that Ye Xiwu likes Xiao Lin,

After Ye Xiwu woke up, she found that she had brought Xiao Lin out of Jingguo, and she was a little puzzled. Ye Xiwu asked Xiao Lin how the two escaped from Jingguo, and learned from Xiao Lin that she gave Tantai Jin medicine to get the tiger charm to escape smoothly. Xiao Lin also noticed something unusual, the escape process of the two was too smooth. Ye Xiwu planned to send Xiao Lin away as soon as possible, and she would wait for Tantai Jin to calm down before returning to Jingguo.

When Tantai Jin learned that something happened to Ye’s family, he rushed to Ye Mansion and found that Ye Xiwu’s grandmother had been poisoned. Tantai Jin promised to take good care of Ye Xiwu before Grandma Ye died, and would not let Ye Xiwu be wronged. Although Grandma Ye died of poisoning, Ye Bingshang deliberately said in front of Tantai Jin that Ye Xiwu would not poison her grandmother, she must have died by mistake, but Tantai Jin said that Ye Xiwu wanted to poison her. It was me, which surprised the Ye family members.

Ye Xiwu sent Xiao Lin to the border to meet Pang Yizhi. Xiao Lin noticed that Ye Xiwu was abnormal, but he didn’t want to be stabbed by Ye Xiwu at this time. Ye Xiwu, who woke up, suddenly realized that she was controlled by Tantai Jin, but it was too late. Tantai Jin wanted Ye Xiwu to betray Xiao Lin in public and make everyone hate her, so Ye Xiwu could only return to her side.

Xiao Lin knew that Ye Xiwu hadn’t intended to stab himself, and ordered that he was injured by Jingguo’s secret guards, and the injury had nothing to do with Ye Xiwu. Pang Yizhi lifted the spell for Ye Xiwu, and told Xiao Lin that the hidden weapon he planted was a soul-eating wedge, which would suck blood from people, and over time would make people weak and die. Xiao Lin told Ye Xiwu that Ye’s grandmother was dead, and Tantai Jin went to Ye’s house last night, and they suspected that Tantai Jin had killed Ye’s grandmother.

Xiao Lin knocked Ye Xiwu unconscious and ordered someone to take him away, while he used it to dig out the Soul Eater Wedge, and fought with Tantai Jin’s army with all his strength, leading the remnants of the Sheng Kingdom and the people to the south . Tantai Jin received a letter from Xiao Lin. In the letter, Xiao Lin said that Jingguo was in prosperity, and Shengguo was dead, but there were still some generals and people following him.

The people of the country are also the people of the Jing country, and I hope Tantai Jin can treat them kindly. Xiao Lin presented Tantai Jin, the most precious treasure of the master’s family, to Tantai Jin to celebrate his wish to rule the world. Finally, Xiao Lin said that Ye Bingshang was more thoughtful and jealous, and although he broke up with him, he still hoped that Tantai Jin could save his life.

Ye Xiwu woke up while being taken away. She broke free and fled back to the Shengguo military camp, only to find that Xiao Lin was dead. Ye Xiwu was heartbroken, and learned that Xiao Lin had arranged for the survivors of the Sheng Kingdom to go south to cross the sea, and that Pang Yizhi also planned to return to Xiaoyaozong to continue practicing, but Ye Xiwu did not intend to leave with them.

Tantai Jin thought that she personally designed Ye Xiwu to kill Xiao Lin, and Ye Xiwu would never come back to her side. Tantai Jin went out of the city to pay homage to Xiao Lin, but unexpectedly saw Ye Xiwu come back. Ye Xiwu said that the reason why she came back was to stay by Tantai Jin’s side. Tantai Jin embraced Ye Xiwu, who was lost and recovered, and was willing to forgive her for poisoning.

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Till the End of the Moon (2023) Episode 25

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