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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 19 Recap

Yu paralyzed told Deng Deng that three months ago, the people from the Spirit Race asked him for help, saying that someone had disappeared. At first, he didn’t care, but later he found that more and more people had disappeared from the city and the warbler. One day he discovered the spirit clan that had been devoured by spirit worms. At that time, the spirit clan’s body was very fragile, and its figure was almost invisible. The paralyzed man exhausted all his life’s studies, but failed to stop his Yuanneng from dissipating. Before leaving, the Spirit Race held his last breath and mentioned the Changle Tavern in Wei City.

Following this clue, Yu Paralyzed went to Changle Tavern to inquire, but he found that the owner of the tavern was only selling spirit worms and had no ability to keep these spirit worms in captivity. So after finding out the situation, he followed the clues and pretended to be a big buyer. After that, he lurked outside the tavern, trying to find the upper house. Speaking of this, Yu Paralyz suddenly felt unbearable itching on his back.

Deng Deng and Gu Beixi hurriedly tickled the paralyzed man and motioned him to continue. At that time, the paralytic waited outside the door for a long time, and finally found a suspicious person. He followed quietly, but as soon as he entered the tavern, he found a person dead inside. He wanted to chase the murderer, but he was knocked out unexpectedly. In a daze, he vaguely remembered that the murderer was wearing a long trench coat.

Looking at the tavern’s ledger, Lu Yan felt that there was actually more than one seller. If the lantern is the connection code for these people, then they will go to the strange city for a while tonight. Before leaving, Deng Deng went to the paralyzed man to verify whether he was an Eldar. Yu paralyzed eyes suddenly moistened, and he told Deng Deng the truth of the year. Deng Deng couldn’t help but red eyes, hugged the paralyzed man tightly, indicating that he was his daughter.

As soon as Deng Deng went out, he did not expect to see the fully armed brothers from Qingquan Village. Deng Deng will tell them the news of the paralyzed man, and motioned them to go to the White House to find Gu Beixi. Deng Deng asked A Xin why the lantern hadn’t been hung up yet. A Xin kept staring at the target, but did not find the hanging lantern. Deng Deng couldn’t help muttering, his speculation should not be wrong, but why did he not see any movement for a long time. Lu Yan had to let A Xin come back to sit and rest.

A Xin accidentally discovered that Lu Yan and Deng Deng’s behavior was very tacit understanding, every move was like a replica, and he couldn’t help laughing for a while. Just as he was talking, the shop assistant came up and signaled that the shop was about to close. Deng Deng hurriedly took out a bag of money, but the other party didn’t eat this set. Just then, someone hung a lantern at the entrance of the tavern. Deng Deng didn’t care about the second shopkeeper, and hurriedly got up and Lu Yan stepped forward to investigate.

A child walked to the door of the tavern, handed a box to the person in the tavern, took the money and left. Several people followed the child to a pharmacy and found a pharmaceutical warehouse. But at this moment, a fire broke out outside. Several people had to tie people up and take them back to the White House. Today happened to be Bai Shiqi’s birthday banquet. Director Bai was busy entertaining distinguished guests, so how could he take care of any prisoners. Lu Yan and Deng Deng had no choice but to interrogate them in person.

Dengdeng did everything he could, and finally let the man speak. The man said that he had indeed heard that there were people selling spirit worms in Wei City, but he always insisted that he was just buying herbs. Right now, the pharmacy was completely burned down, but fortunately, Lu Yan kept his hand and found a box of spirit worms long before the warehouse was burned down. In front of the evidence, the man had to confess. The man told Lu Yan that the Shang family was a man named Insect King. He always wore a trench coat when trading, and he couldn’t see his face clearly. He only knew that he would make strange noises when he walked. And once you eat a spirit worm, you will be controlled by the worm king.

Deng Deng told Yu Paralyzed and Lu Er the good news, and was glad that the family was finally reunited. When the paralyzed man saw Lu Yan next to him, his expression changed immediately, and he wanted Deng Deng to write a divorce letter.

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