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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 9 Recap

Mu Ze came to the barracks and directly asked Gao Chengxian to follow him to Danzhou City. Mu Ze came to Chenji Rice Shop and found that the rice bought in Danzhou was five times more expensive than the rice eaten by the royal family in Hanjing City. The common people, simply asked Gao Chengxian and himself to do good deeds together, and announced in public that Chenji Rice Shop had free food today.

On the other hand, Shen Changqing managed to catch Chai Guang, the inner ghost who was going to pass a letter to Gao Chengxian, and came to thank Lu Anran for his advice. Lu Anran simply apologized for her previous remarks, and threatened to compensate Shen Changqing’s sister, and then let Dongqing follow Shen Changqing.

Shen Changqing misunderstood that Lu Anran gave him a woman, but did not know that when Lu Anran first met Dong Qing, he knew through the birthmark that Dong Qing was Shen Changqing’s long-lost sister. Lu Anran directly asked Shen Changqing whether he had tried his best to find his long-lost sister over the years.

Lu Anran knew the truth behind the disaster relief food in Danzhou, and also knew that Dong Qing was Shen Changqing’s younger sister. Mu Chuan teased that she was much better than a fortune teller. Lu Anran didn’t say anything about the ten years she had lived in her previous life, but Mu Chuan still saw her youthful maturity in Lu Anran’s eyes.

Mu Chuan thought that if Mu Ze accepted Lu Xinran, then Lu Anran would be able to live the life he wanted, and they could also solve the flood disaster in Danzhou together, but Lu Anran said that she would still go to Hanjing, and she was worried that Lu Anran would go to Hanjing. Leave the home to Lu Xinran. Lu Anran also told Mu Chuan that only confidants can last for a long time, and hoped that they could maintain their current relationship.

Mu Chuan and Lu Anran found smoke in the Lu family’s granary and came to check, but they were surrounded by Gao Chengxian who came, and wanted to kill people. Mu Chuan protected Lu Anran and was almost killed. Fortunately, Mu Ze came at a critical moment. Gao Chengxian slandered the Lu family for hijacking the disaster relief food, and Lu Anran said that the Lu family was framed.

But the rice in the Lujia granary was indeed Hanjing’s rice, and Lu Anran could not argue that he was taken away for investigation. Mu Chuan wanted to defend Lu Anran, but Mu Ze said that Lu Anran knew everything in advance and led him to investigate, as if everything was under her control. But Mu Ze asked Mu Chuan not to underestimate Gao Chengxian, but the truth is far from that simple.

Gao Chengxian interrogated Lu Anran in prison, and even punished him severely in order to avenge the gambling in Sucheng. In the middle of the night, Mu Ze came to the prison to visit Lu Anran, hoping that Lu Anran could give him an explanation. Mu Ze knew that Lu Anran was not an easy-going person, so how could he get himself into a dispute over the inner house, and he also knew that everything Lu Anran did was to surrender to him, and he would also wait and see what Lu Anran would do next.

At the court the next day, Gao Chengxian revealed to the public that the Lu family’s granary had been found out for the imperial court’s disaster relief. The people also learned from Gao Chengxian that the Lu family was the in-law of His Royal Highness King Qing, and hoped that King Qing would be the master of the people and severely punish the Lu family. Unexpectedly, Lu Anran pleaded guilty in court, was convicted by King Qing, and asked to be escorted back to Beijing at noon tomorrow.

After Gao Chengxian sent King Qing and his party out of Danzhou, he returned to the city to drink and have fun with his subordinates, congratulating the misfortune to avoid King Qing’s investigation. Several people were about to share the disaster relief funds they had received when they discovered that the silver had turned into stone.

Later, King Qing brought people to come and announced that Gao Chengxian colluded with Qinghe to help Chai Guangji to hijack the disaster relief food, and also put the blame on the Lu family. Now the evidence is available. It was only now that Gao Chengxian knew that King Qing and Lu Anran and others were acting together in order to expose his flaws, but now that everything was over, he could only wait for punishment.

King Qing believed that although Lu Anran’s death this time and his life succeeded in capturing Gao Chengxian’s crime, it was not enough to surrender. Later, Lu Anran learned that Mu Ze had arrested Chai Guang ten days ago, and he was the one who led Gao Chengxian to frame the Lu family to arrest him. Lu Anran knew that she was playing tricks in front of Mu Ze, and she also knew that the emperor’s heart was cut off from love and love, and everything in his previous life was false.

Lu Anran knew that she had fallen into Mu Ze’s trap again, but she still felt sad and was unwilling to pay the truth for ten years. Mu Chuan noticed that Lu Anran was in a low mood, and explained to Mu Ze that although Mu Ze was cautious and sometimes not upright, he would never ignore a fair person. Lu Anran asked back if Mu Chuan really knew Mu Ze? Although Mu Chuan didn’t know enough about it, he knew that Lu Anran and Mu Ze had secrets, and they both had secrets. He just wanted them to live a better life. Although he felt that he had gotten to know Lu Anran a little, he had a long way to go, and he had time to get to know Lu Anran slowly.

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