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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 24 Recap

The tombstone of Niangniang’s tomb was covered with thick dust, and Yan Dan wiped it off with her hands. The tombstone was engraved with “Whoever sent me on the hill”, and there were a few lines of small characters below it – “Life is the gate of death, death is the gate of death.” The place of birth, the gate of the tomb leads to the gate of hell, and those who disturb my dreams will have no bones to return.” Yan Dan was scared away, Qin Mingyang felt that this was a trick to scare people, so he entered the tomb first, and the others followed closely.

The tomb was gloomy, and Yan Dan walked at the end. She was so frightened that she hugged Tang Zhou’s arm tightly and didn’t let go. Tang Zhou couldn’t help making fun of her. The three brothers of the Qi family cheered on Yan Dan, and Yan Dan followed them tremblingly. . A group of seven people came to the deepest part of the cemetery, where there is a unique cave. There are several stone statues of maids guarding the tomb. They are so lifelike that Qi Niu couldn’t help but stop and watch.

Qi Niu suddenly went crazy as if he had been enchanted. He stabbed Qi Hu and Qi Bao with his sword. The three brothers killed each other. Jin Hongmian and Qin Mingyang also fought each other. Yan Dan was so frightened that he exclaimed loudly. With a very yin and evil spirit, the statue of the maid formed a formation. He let Yan Dan stay where he was and hurriedly stepped forward to see what happened.

Jin Hongmian pressed Tang Zhou step by step, Tang Zhou fought back desperately, Jin Hongmian’s eyes suddenly glowed with dazzling red light, and Tang Zhou couldn’t dodge. Jin Hongmian suddenly turned into a noble concubine, and threatened to kill all those who entered the tomb. She gently waved her sleeves, and turned into four identical noble concubines.

Tang Zhou saw Jin Hongmian incarnate as the tomb owner and noble concubine, face to face. She pointed out that she should hate the king who killed her, and the concubine would not allow anyone to touch her treasure, otherwise she would be killed. Yan Dan was worried that Tang Zhou was being enchanted, and immediately covered his eyes to prevent him from looking at those statues again.

Tang Zhou saw that the statue of the maid was posing as a wrong soul formation, and those who fell into it could not hear or hear, the four seasons overlapped, and they would not die. Trick, Tang Zhou thanked Yan Dan for helping him. Yan Dan wanted to take the opportunity to slip away, but he couldn’t bear it, and finally stayed to save Tang Zhou. Yan Dan found out that Qi Niu looked at the glasses of the stone statue and became mad, so he covered Tang Zhou’s eyes in time.

Tang Zhou was worried that he would be trapped again, and wanted to take Yan Dan out quickly, only to find that everyone else was gone, the stone statues kept changing positions, Yan Dan found that the tomb was round, so Tang Zhou closed his eyes, she Pull Tang Zhou around the stone statue and walk out of the wrong soul formation. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan carefully looked for an exit, but Qin Mingyang suddenly jumped out with his hair disheveled.

He was beyond recognition by the magic of the Wrong Soul Formation. Tang Zhou knew that he would die soon and wanted to give him a good time. Yan Dan couldn’t bear it and hurriedly stopped Tang Zhou. Zhou, shot Qin Mingyang unconscious.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou continued to walk forward. In front of them was a large wall with portraits of imperial concubines painted on the wall. Yan Dan was worried that Tang Zhou would be enchanted again, and hurriedly covered his eyes. Tang Zhou discovered that the portraits of imperial concubines were circulated behind. Long-standing gossip array.

Qin Mingyang suddenly jumped out and pressed the switch of the gossip array, and both Yan Dan and Tang Zhou fell into the trap. Yan Dan wanted to get up, and countless bats flew past them. Yan Dan saw that the bats were still alive, and deduced that there could be a life door here. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou quickly found the life door of the tomb, but Yan Dan was grateful for Qin Mingyang’s greed. If it wasn’t for him wanting to take the treasure and open the gossip array, they would not have been able to find the life door. Tang Zhou was very emotional and felt that the world is popular Unpredictable, not what he imagined.

Yan Dan heard Qin Mingyang’s scream, and felt that he was dead. Yan Dan asked Tang Zhou to save others. Tang Zhou wanted to put her in a gourd and take her away together. Yan Dan strongly protested, and Tang Zhou pulled her up. He returned his hands to save people and saw Qin Mingyang lying on the ground dying, claiming that someone had taken his life away.

Tang Zhou suspected that it was the golden seal of the Seven Lights, so he asked Qin Mingyang about the magic weapon that the man used. Qin Mingyang died before he could say anything. . Tang Zhou was worried about being attacked by that person, so he took Yan Dan away immediately.

Yu Mo came to the coast of the East China Sea and wanted to find Yu Heng, the demon hunter here, to inquire about Yan Dan’s whereabouts. Yu Heng was the most powerful demon hunter in the mortal world. Zilin tried hard to persuade Yu Mo not to take risks, worried that he would touch him. Going to Ao Xuan, Yu Mo didn’t listen at all. Yu Heng was refining medicinal pills for Ao Xuan. Yu Mo couldn’t say that he robbed the medicinal pills from the alchemy furnace. Yu Heng tried his best to stop them. Dan, destroyed the alchemy furnace on the spot and walked away.

Tang Zhou and Yan Dan walked out of the maiden’s tomb, Yan Dan was puzzled, couldn’t understand what happened today, Tang Zhou felt that the concubine’s grievance was transformed by the formation, and there was no treasure in the tomb, and suspected that someone was pretending to be a ghost. Shen Xiangjun, the young lady of the Shen family, was talking nonsense in front of the tomb of the empress, and the old mother followed, repeatedly explaining that Shen Xiangjun was crazy recently, and asked Tang Zhou to go to the mansion to catch the demon, Yan Dan agreed without hesitation.

Ao Xuan was accompanying Chao Lan to relax, and Yu Heng came to report the destruction of the alchemy room to Ao Xuan. Ao Xuan asked him about the appearance of the demon, guessed it was Yu Mo, and sent Yu Heng to find Yu Mo at all costs. Chao Lan saw Yu Heng’s back from a distance and was full of doubts.

Tang Zhou brought Yan Dan to the Shen residence. Master Shen briefly introduced the situation of Shen Xiangjun. When he learned that Tang Zhou was a demon hunter from the Lingxiao faction, he wanted to marry Shen Xiangjun to Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou lied that he was with Yan. Dan has already made a private life, and Yan Dan has not exposed his lies. Master Shen had to give up and let Tang Zhou stay behind to capture the demon in the house.

Tang Zhou and Yan Dan live in the same room, Tang Zhou let her sleep on the ground, Yan Dan was very dissatisfied, Tang Zhou took her to block the peach blossoms, and now let her sleep on the ground, on the pretext that she would sleepwalk when she was cold, Tang Zhou did not buy it at all, Yan Dan Light had to fall asleep. In the middle of the night, Yan Dan heard the cry of a woman outside, and she hurried over to call Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou dreamed that a woman asked him for half a heart, and when he woke up, he found that Yan Dan was on top of him.

Yan Dan went out and saw that someone was holding a phosphorus fire to make a fool of himself, so he called out Tang Zhou. A masked man in black suddenly jumped out and attacked them. Yan Dan and Tang Zhou teamed up to deal with him, and the man in black pressed against Yan Dan step by step. , Tang Zhou came to the rescue and beat the man in black away, Yan Dan put his hand on Tang Zhou’s heart, wanting to see if the man in black had hurt his heart, Tang Zhou remembered asking him for half a heart in a dream Woman, he felt in a trance.

Yan Dan and Tang Zhou just wanted to go back to the house, when they suddenly saw Master Shen sleepwalking in the backyard, burying flowers and burying bones, and chanting the name of his deceased wife Xiaoyi. Yan Dan felt very excited and took out lotus petals and gave them to Tang Zhou to protect him. I could not laugh or cry, but I put it down anyway. Ao Xuan sent the shrimp soldiers and crab generals from the East China Sea to hunt down Yu Mo. They wanted to trap Yu Mo with the prison dragon lock, but Yu Mo escaped easily and beat them all away.

Yan Dan and Tang Yi came to Master Shen early to find out what happened last night. Master Shen had to admit that it was his deceased wife Xiaoyi who was buried last night when he collected bones. He accidentally discovered that his daughter Shen Xiangjun was possessed by an evil spirit and used magic to kill him by the well. People, ask Tang Zhou to exorcise Shen Xiangjun. Tang Zhou and Yan Dan came to the well, Yan Dan saw that the well was empty, Tang Zhou found two corpses buried in the grass next to it, one of them was Jin Hongmian, her corpse had rotted into a pile of bones overnight, Tang Zhou It is believed that this is caused by sorcery.

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