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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 2 Recap

The Hunyuan jade belt has accompanied Ying Yuan for two thousand years. He loves it like a treasure. The Immortal Servant found that the Hunyuan jade belt was destroyed and worried that he would not be able to explain to Ying Yuan. Yan Dan took the initiative to take all the guilt, and the Immortal Servant took her to explain to Ying Yuan. .

Elder Zhanyi provoked civil strife in the Demon Race, and also used his emotions to bewitch Si Xuan, the former head of the Miaofa Pavilion. Si Xuan and him stole the most powerful magic weapon from Jiuzhongtian. Marshal Huo De led the immortal soldiers to resist, but they returned without success. Huo De sent someone to invite Ying Yuan.

Yingyuan came to subdue Zhanyi in time and forced him to hand over the magic weapon. Zhanyi refused and ordered Yingyuan to be executed. Yingyuan was surrounded by the demons, so he had to show off the special skills of the Asura tribe and beat Zhanyi and them. Only when Zhanyi died did he know that Ying Yuan was a descendant of the Shura tribe.

It turned out that Ying Yuan’s father was from the Shura tribe. He bewitched the fairy girl to give birth to Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan’s mother died as a martyr and her husband died. Before her death, Ying Yuan was entrusted to the emperor. The black lines on his face concealed his identity, fearing that he would be hunted down.

The evil god Xuanxiang, the lord of the demons, helped secretly. Ying Yuan quickly quelled the rebellion of the demons. He returned to the emperor to return to his life, and he also expressed his hidden worries. Xuanxiang is free by nature and has no ambition for power. The elders of the demons They took the opportunity to rebel, and Ying Yuan was worried that Xuanxiang would be replaced by a powerful demon elder, which would be the biggest hidden danger in the Six Realms. The emperor sent Ying Yuan to resist the demon invasion.

Si Xuan was about to be executed for cheating on the demons Zhanyi. Emperor Zun personally came to prison, Ying Yuan interceded for Si Xuan, Emperor Zun promised that as long as Si Xuan was willing to admit her mistake, he would be spared the death penalty and demoted her to the mortal world. Xuan did not repent, and also pointed out that the heavens were unfair, and the emperor became angry with shame, and condemned Si Xuan for the injustice of love, which caused the chaos of the demons.

Emperor Zun reminded Ying Yuan not to be soft-hearted. On the surface of the Six Realms, everything is peaceful, but in fact, there are undercurrents surging in private, and all ethnic groups are waiting for Ying Yuan to make mistakes.

Si Xuan wanted to die, but Ying Yuan advised her not to be obsessed with her. Zhanyi hadn’t mentioned her before her death. Si Xuan didn’t care, and sneered at him. . Yan Dan knelt in Yanxu Temple to plead guilty, Ying Yuan hurried back, Yan Dan did not expect that the person who turned the turtle turned out to be Emperor Yingyuan, and Ying Yuan punished her to clean the side hall of Yanxu Temple until the Hunyuan jade belt was repaired.

Yan Dan said goodbye to Xianjun Beiming, and Xianjun Beiming gave her a magic weapon. Yan Dan promised to help him solve a chess game before leaving, and revealed that Ying Yuan was the bad guy who turned the turtle. While helping Xianjun Beiming break the chess game, Yan Dan scolded Ying Yuan for being a villain. Ying Yuan listened clearly and punished Yan Dan for copying the fairy method and the chess game.

The more Yan Dan thought about it, the more angry he became, so he came to Zhixi and Lu Ming to complain, Zhixi persuaded her nicely, but Yan Dan was still brooding. Fairy Yingdeng saw that Ying Yuan wanted to focus on cultivating Yan Dan, and believed that Yan Dan was showing off, so she sneered at Zhi Xi. Yan Dan decided to create a play based on the nine-fin tribe that was destroyed in the Creation War. The script was called “The Legend of the Heroes of Creation”.

She and Lu Ming discussed the outline of the script and asked the immortal servants to rehearse at the Phixiang Hall overnight. .

Xiao Heiyu is the only survivor of the Nine-Fin Clan. He transforms into a human figure. He accidentally sees Yan Dan rehearsing the Nine-Fin Clan’s play, and he is deeply moved. The rehearsal did not end until very late, Yan Dan continued to stay up late to create, Xiao Heiyu secretly came to Yan Dan, wanting to know the follow-up development of the play, Yan Dan learned that he was a descendant of the Nine-Fin Clan, not only let him be a small follower, but also He named him Yu Heitu, but Xiao Heiyu felt that the name was unpleasant and strongly demanded to be called Yu Mo, but Yan Dan had to agree.

Yan Dan quickly repaired the jade belt, but Ying Yuan was dissatisfied and asked her to continue to mend it. Ying Yuan was racking his brains for an unsolvable chess game, Yan Dan broke the opportunity with one word, and Ying Yuan looked at her with admiration. Yan Dan personally cooked a late-night snack to share with Yu Mo. Yu Mo was full of praise for her cooking skills, and casually asked about the creation of the script. Yan Dan kept talking about it, and Yu Mo listened with great interest.

Yan Dan and Yu Mo went to the library to look up the ancient books to find the information of the Creation War, and found that the emperor brought the Kunlun divine tree back to Jiuzhongtian after the war. If you are entangled, you will lose all spiritual power, and you will be severely punished. Yan Dan and Yu Mo didn’t listen at all. The two of them came to Diya secretly and saw an immortal servant being entangled by the vines of the Kunlun sacred tree. That person lied that he had accidentally entered Diya by mistake.

Yan Dan could see it at a glance. He was lying because there were knife marks on the tree. The immortal servant wanted to steal the sap of the Kunlun tree to make an elixir. Yan Dan forced him to reveal the mastermind behind the scenes. The vines of the big tree suddenly surrounded Yan Dan, and Yu Mo rushed over to protect Yan Dan. , the result is tangled in vines.

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