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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 18 Recap

Although Sun Ping’s operation was promising, Nie Yusheng handed the operation to Director Fang, because after getting along with him during this time, he lost his courage more and more. The terms in the operation consent form were like dense ant colonies. spread out. Surgical accidents, anesthesia accidents, etc., any small mistake can make the child unable to get off the operating table, and now he is not only the chief surgeon who performs the operation, but also a father.

That night, Sun Zhijun and Wang Yuling had dinner and took the initiative to tell the story of the past, which also let them know the source of the conflict during the day, and couldn’t help but feel distressed about what happened to Sun Zhijun and Tan Jing. At this time, Tan Jing came back from outside, and the four of them sat downstairs for supper. Taking advantage of the presence of others, Tan Jing made a promise to Sun Zhijun that no matter how long the child passed, he would call him Sun Ping, and he would also remember the past kindness.

However, Nie Yusheng had already stated that Nie Dongyuan would try to visit Sun Ping as little as possible, so Tan Jing also hoped that Sun Zhijun would think more about the child. After all, Sun Ping’s condition could not be delayed, and he should focus on treating the disease. She begged Sun Zhijun to stop provoking the child. After receiving Sun Zhijun’s promise, Tan Jing finally breathed a sigh of relief, and privately learned the news of Wang Yuling’s pregnancy. While happy for her, she also urged her to make up the wedding as soon as possible.

Company colleagues are gossiping about the fact that Shu Qin and Nie Yusheng broke up, and even feel that she is not looking for trouble, and that she has lost such a good boyfriend resource, and I am afraid that she will never find such a suitable person in the future. As a result, Sheng Fangting listened to these remarks, and directly disclosed his relationship in public, saying that he was Shu Qin’s new boyfriend.

When dating, Shu Qin was happy for Sheng Fangting’s actions, and at the same time wondered why he was suddenly impulsive, obviously not like his character. But no matter what, this is the happiest day for Shu Qin in a long time. Even when she arrives at home, she still reminisces about the sweetness just now, especially when Sheng Fangting gave her the key to her home, indicating that the relationship between the two has gone further.

Under the persuasion of Tan Jing, Wang Yuling considered for a long time, and finally told Liang Yuanan about the pregnancy. On the other side, Nie Yusheng took the initiative to come to Sun Ping’s side, and gently and patiently coaxed him to be happy, saying that he and Tan Jing had known each other for a long time, and then separated due to various reasons. Hope he can give himself a chance to really get to know each other.

At first Sun Ping didn’t want to pay attention to Nie Yusheng, but seeing the red rope around his neck, he was convinced that he held an equally important place in his mother’s heart, so he thought about it for a long time and accepted it happily. All this was seen by Tan Jing at the door. Nie Yusheng thought that Sun Ping seemed to be very young, but in fact he had a clear mind. He hoped that he would be able to raise children together with Tan Jing in the future.

Since their relationship was made public, Sheng Fangting and Shu Qin showed their affection in a high-profile manner in front of everyone, and went to get off work together. But today Shu Qin saw Sheng Fangting’s resignation letter, and immediately went to him to ask the reason, Sheng Fangting pretended to be relaxed, saying that she had found a better next family, and her resignation was not for her.

Liang Yuanan kept asking Tan Jing about the taboos of pregnant women, and it could be seen that he was very interested in Wang Yuling. After explaining everything, Tan Jing returned home and found that Nie Yusheng had mailed all the shoe sizes to herself, which meant that the other party never thought about giving up this relationship, so he was very touched. Not long after, Nie Yusheng found the bag left by Tan Jing at home, which contained a brand new red string, which meant that he began to accept himself.

In the days that followed, Wang Yuling was busy with the bakery business. Every day, customers lined up to come to the door. In order to protect Wang Yuling, Tan Jing tried to reason with the proprietress of the store as much as possible.

Just because the proprietress fell into a coma, Tan Jing was detained at the police station. After Nie Yusheng learned the news, he hurriedly called Fattou for help. Although Fatou’s profession is a lawyer, he knows that with Nie Dongyuan’s connections and resources, he can definitely find a better lawyer.

So at Fattou’s suggestion, Nie Yusheng first went to the hospital to visit his son Sun Ping, and after coaxing him to sleep, he went to the VIP ward to find his father, hoping that he could help hire the best lawyer. Nie Dongyuan didn’t care about Tan Jing’s situation at all. He didn’t want his grandson’s mother to be stained, so he took the phone and called Secretary Quan.

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