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Reading different types of books

Choosing a book to read is very necessary. A good reader must be one who knows how to choose a book to read. Get the most out of reading By considering the following selection methods

1. Choose a book with a story that meets the needs or needs to be read.

2. Choose a good book with the following characteristics:

2.1 Books that are generally considered good

2.2 Books that are widely criticized as good

2.3 Books that have won major awards in quality corporate contests

2.4 Books that Written by quality writers that are accepted by the reader circle.

2.5 Books with good value in all aspects, including content, ideas, strategies, language, style and presentation.

2.6 Books that have been accepted to study and inherit come in every age.

2.7 Choose a book that will not lead to any deterioration.

reading and comprehension

reading and comprehension There are guidelines for reading as follows:

1. Read carefully and concentrate. Trying to read quickly will help to keep the main idea better than to read slowly because reading quickly will cause the meaning of the text in each line of sight that the reader understands to be retained and related. make all readable text understandable But if reading is slow, the meaning of many small texts may fade. cannot be linked together and easily distracted

2. When you finish reading a page, pause to think a little about how the paragraph is important. Usually, the main idea is at the beginning or at the end of a paragraph, only 1-3 sentences.

3. After reading every paragraph It brings the importance of every paragraph together. to be related to the same matter in mind or rewritten in their own language

Techniques for reading books quickly and to get the idea

Techniques for reading books quickly and to get the idea Training is required as follows:

1. Memorize certain groups of words and phrases to help them read faster, for example. and more, much more, summaries such as that, so as the result is, etc.

2. Read as a phrase or sentence, should not be read as a word. Because the desired content is often described in phrases or sentences.

3. Eye movements A good reader typically makes 3 eye movements per line and no more than 8 reverse eye movements per page.

4. Improve reading speed by timing.

5. Try to read a lot. read routine You should practice reading for 1 hour a day or reading at least 2 books a week. And try to practice reading until you reach a reading speed of at least 400 words per minute.

6. Read the story Read it and know what it is, how it is, and who it is related to. Can remember the story and be able to understand it immediately.

7. Read to be able to read and interpret, interpret and expand

8. Good reading requires “reading for a story” and “reading” as the basis to be able to read well. Readers must rely on experience. and their ability to analyze Synthesis and Valuation Let’s help you decide and diagnose what you read. It is a reading that requires maximum comprehension.

Different types of books

1. Newspapers

2. Magazines and periodicals

3. Nonfiction books

4. Fiction books or fiction

5. Books about statistics.

How to read different types of books

1.   Newspaper   is a news communication tool. Events that occur each day should be read as follows:

1.1 Daily newspapers should be read quickly if you are attracted to any article

1.2 should be cut off. (If it’s a personal newspaper) or write it down and keep it in the system for easy searching.  should read every page   Because each page has unique knowledge and news. If you can’t read all over will miss important news

1.3 Use discretion when reading newspapers. Because daily newspaper makers have to work against the clock, there may be inaccuracies. News presentations tend to follow. that most people are interested in and sometimes using the wrong language

2. Magazines and periodicals   are a type of communication tool that has a fixed release date .  It looks like a news report that is quite certain. because there is time to collect but not in time As much as newspapers should be read as follows:

2.1 No need to read the whole issue

2.2 Read only the topics of interest By looking at the table of contents, you can find the subject you want faster.

3. Nonfiction books  reading this type of book is reading for knowledge for research There are many types of nonfiction books to accompany the study. Each category should be read as follows:

3.1 Reading books in the genre of philosophy, psychology and religion.  These two types are related. There are both easy and hard levels. Reading therefore depends on the purpose of the reader as follows:

3.1.1 Simple reading It is a reading for mental development. or can be used as a staple in daily life reading this type of book Choose to read at a level you can understand. read with interest will be the basis It is easy to continue reading this type of book at a higher level, such as mental health promotion books, Jataka tales, Buddha proverbs, and Buddhist biographies, etc.

3.1.2 Difficult reading It’s a read to gain knowledge. In order to learn something deeply, there must be enough knowledge in this area. Experienced in training Or get advice from someone who knows                                                          . 3.2 Reading books in the social sciences.  It is a reading about human behavior. such as political science, economics, law, education, traditions, etc. The content scope is wide. Readers must have knowledge and experience. Requires further study and research To get more knowledge.              3.3 Reading books in history, geography  , reading this type of book. should read as follows

3.3.1 Must read carefully and read as a continuation of the story. and compare similar events with what happened in different eras and try to find the cause of the incident, scrutinize and find the reason for


incident Up-to-date and accurate information.

3.4 Biographical books   should be read as follows:

3.4.1 Must see how to write. Look at the scope of the author’s life, which phase would most like to focus on.

3.4.2 If there is a biographical book about that person Several books have been read and compared. to find out the facts and the author’s attitude towards the biographer whether they are fair-minded or biased

.   The reading of this type of book depends on the purpose of the reader generally as follows:

3.5.1 To study the art of language use. the melodiousness of the language Metaphor, humor, the reader must read to enjoy. will be satisfied In rhetoric that is beautiful, profound, witty, and metaphorical. including the moral and emotional and mental happiness.

3.5.2 To understand the culture of each individual period.

3.6 Reading books of various science and technology categories    should be read as follows:

3.6.1 Reading focuses on important content that must be understood. and memorizing formulas, sometimes requiring lab manuals; in laboratories, drawings, diagrams and tables are also required.

3.6.2 Reading requires breaks in sections.

4. Fiction or fiction books   should be read as follows:

4.1 Should be read in their spare time. And read it in succession to get the taste.

4.2 When finished reading, try to summarize what you get from reading, such as moral motto, moral words, culture, philosophy.

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