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Type of book

Type of book


a nonfiction book is an educational book that Contains content and ideas that are useful to readers The content of non-fiction books includes the fields of humanities, science and

Social science


It is a book written from the imagination of the author. which wants to provide entertainment and enjoyment to the reader as the main may include knowledge and ideas as well

Different types as follows

1. A novel is a book written by the author. Written to entertain readers without emphasizing reality or content

2. A short story is a book written by the author. It is written for the same purpose as a novel. but has less content than fiction. often include many stories in the same book

3. Books for Children and Youth It is a book made especially for children. Most of them have simple content or cartoons. These types of books provide knowledge, morals, and satisfy the curiosity of children.


It means ” what is printed whether it is a sheet of paper or any object by various methods resulting in a piece of work that looks like Many manuscripts are produced in large quantities as a means of dealing with them. or inducing others to see or know various messages. ”


Textbooks are academic works that are organized in a systematic manner. It covers the subject’s agenda or is part of the course or course that reflects the ability to transfer academically. The content of the textbook must be up-to-date. Readers can understand the essence of the textbook. without the need to study in that subject   The format is a book consisting of an introduction, table of contents   , body, explanation, analysis, summary   , citation,     bibliography.

Up-to-date and complete reference of sources, word/text index. The explanation of the essence is clear. They may use photographs, diagrams, examples, case studies until readers can fully understand the subject matter.


It is a book with a fixed title. Publish, distribute, distribute, sequentially, such as a book that is printed every day. There will always be a book title of the same name, such as Siam Rath, Thai Rath, Daily News, or a book that is printed every week. every two weeks, every month, or any period of time They have the same book titles such as Satrisan, Wittayachan Laktai. These books are journals. Journal books can also be subdivided into newspapers and magazines.


for that magazine Buyers are more picky than newspapers. The magazine has a beautiful printed cover. Their service life is longer than newspapers. which will last at least equal to the period of issue of that magazine Magazines are therefore more valuable than newspapers. even when the time has expired still have some price

Magazine readers must be interested. and have enough free time so will pick up and read by flipping through different pages Go first throughout the book or almost always They will not read them in order from the first page of the first issue, but will choose to read what they like first. Usually, most buyers don’t read everything in the book.

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