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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 8 Recap

Wu Yi and the Marquis returned to the company late at night to get things. The Marquis couldn’t help teasing her, and Wu Yi was also very cooperative. Mr. Ma and Xiao Min are also dating in the stairwell. Since he took the money, Xiao Min was afraid of being discovered and even wanted to return the money. Mr. Ma was taken aback. If he did so, he could only confess his guilt. When leaving, Wu Shiyi keenly heard some movement in the stairwell, and the two sneaked in, frightening Ma Zong and Xiao Min.

The Marquis and Wu 11, who broke through the relationship between the two, showed embarrassment. Mr. Ma kept denying the relationship and begged him not to tell anyone, otherwise he could only resign. The Marquis agreed and walked away. But these words made Xiao Min very uncomfortable under Mr. Ma’s desperation. They were obviously in a serious relationship, so what was it that someone bumped into someone who was sneaking into it!

The Marquis was talking and laughing along the way. Although President Ma’s office romance was surprising, he had no other thoughts. Regarding the Haicheng No. 8 project, the Marquis came up with a plan that satisfies him and waited excitedly for feedback, but was opposed because the materials were too advanced and special.

Bao Xiaohan is already looking for a new job. At this time, Hou Zhirong asked him to lead the next specific project. As for the design director who had promised him before, Hou Zhirong would naturally not kick his son down and let him sit, but Bao Xiaohan even more. What is fancy is the matter of wages, and more importantly, he has not even signed the labor contract. Hou Zhirong immediately played with Mr. Ma, in fact, he didn’t plan to pay him the expected salary at all.

The broken house where Fang Lu lived was flooded by heavy rain, so he called the Marquis for help. The Marquis readily said that he would pick her up and let her stay in the hotel for a few days. Marquis and Wu Shiyi sent Fang Lu and their luggage to the luxurious suite they opened. Fang Lu thanked each of Marquis’ brothers, but Wu Shiyi was a little depressed, but she didn’t go in with a wink. Fang Lu wanted to crooked too, thinking that the Marquis was interesting to herself, but the Marquis only chatted with her a few words and left. The Marquis felt that Fang Lu was pitiful, and he was emotional along the way, but Wu Xi just dealt with it indifferently.

There was no problem in the internal investigation, and Mr. Ma and Xiao Min were relieved. Mr. Ma asked Xiao Min to go to several dating sites, saying that if their relationship was exposed, the police would doubt them, but if Xiao Min went to a blind date, it would prove that she was single and that they had no interests or motives. Xiao Min can resign in a month. President Ma must do everything well before Liu Tiehao is released from prison, and then fly away with her.

Wu Shiyi and the Marquis sent Wu Tianyi home. Although the home environment was not good, the Marquis kept helping out. Wu Shiyi drove him upstairs to chat with Wu Tianyi. The Marquis took care of him for so many days, and Wu Tianyi liked him very much, so he talked about his debts. In the early years, he failed to do business with his friends and owed a lot of money. The other two went abroad to hide their debts, but Wu Tianyi didn’t want to be that kind of person, so he emptied his family to pay off the debts, and Wu Shiyi also sold the car. Yue has to help him pay off his debts. Wu Xi is always strong on the surface, and never tells others what’s in his heart, Wu Tianyi actually feels very sorry for her.

Mary thought that Fang Lu and the Marquis were together, Fang Lu quickly denied that although there was no attention, she did not want to remember that her private life was exposed. Haixing reluctantly pursued money and money, Qianqian refused again and made it clear that he did not meet his criteria for choosing a spouse, but Haixing regarded others’ courtesy as a compliment, and even confessed in public that he must marry money! Mary helped Fang Lu win a good network resource, but she can only record it by herself, and Fang Lu is very lonely. Rather than being persuaded by Qianqian’s words, Haixing reported to her Sanda class, took the lead to watch the excitement and let Qianqian sweep the floor, so Qianqian pulled her up for a demonstration and beat him firmly.

Fang Lu played a video with the Marquis in the hotel arranged by the crew. She said that her web comprehensive was ten girls training together. She looked silly, but there was no way. After all, Fang Lu wanted to support herself, and the Marquis absently agreed. Soon Fang Lu went to make-up. Fang Lu ran into an internet celebrity who had quarreled before in the dressing room, and they both looked at each other and bored. The director asked Fang Lu to cut her hair into short hair, so anxious that Fang Lu immediately called the Marquis to cry again, saying that she didn’t want to live anymore, and the Marquis was taken aback by the call.

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