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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 6 Recap

Qianqian called his two girlfriends, Haixing looked embarrassed but couldn’t say anything, immediately after Qianqian they wanted to add lobster and abalone, Haixing could only smash his teeth and swallow in his stomach.

After a meal, Starfish drank boiled water all the way, and did not dare to eat without a mouthful. She was worried that her money was not enough to check out and asked secretly. He didn’t expect that a meal would cost nearly two thousand yuan. Haixing thought about asking for a discount, but was told by the waiter that Qianqian had just settled the bill. Qian Qian didn’t have any thoughts about Haixing, and after eating, he refused his intention and left.

After returning home, Qianqian and Haixing complained to Wuxi and Marquis with each other, but they did not expect that their brain circuits were not in the same arc at all. Qianqian had already made things clear and thought Haixing understood what he meant, but Haixing thought of money. If you spend money on yourself, they must have a show! After hanging up the phone, the Marquis happily shared with Wu Shih, leaving Wu Shih and Qian Qian at a loss.

The Marquis offered to work with Bao Xiaohan on the Haicheng No. 8 project, and before Hou Zhirong refused Bao Xiaohan, he took the initiative to back down. Liu Tiehao spent the 50,000 yuan from the blackmail, and turned around to find Mr. Ma. It turns out that Ma is always Liu Tiehao’s cousin, and they did the same thing before.

The Marquis hired a personal bodyguard, and President Ma didn’t plan to take the next step. Liu Tiehao’s ATM was gone, but he didn’t plan to stop. Soon the Marquis received a courier, thinking it was a slipper for Sister Zhang, but unexpectedly there was a dead mouse in it and a photo of the Marquis. Wu Yi took the courier to investigate, but the courier note was fake, and the address and sender were also fake. The courier number did not match during delivery, and the courier was also puzzled.

When Wu Shiyi was shopping with Marquis and Sister Zhang in the mall, he noticed that Liu Tiehao was taking a sneak shot. The Marquis and Zhang had a conflict with him. Liu Tiehao was crazy and didn’t care at all. President Ma was flustered when he received the photo from Liu Tiehao, but he planned to let Liu Tiehao go but insisted on holding onto the cash machine, and threatened to tell Hou Zhirong about their relationship.

President Ma had to give Marquis Liu Tiehao’s mobile phone number, and soon Liu Tiehao sent WeChat to invite him to single out. The Marquis agreed impulsively, and turned his head and ran away while Wu Shixi and Hou Zhirong were talking. Hou Zhirong was very worried when he received Liu Tiehao’s photo. Wu Shixi believed that Liu Tiehao had no intention of hurting him for the time being, but just wanted to blackmail him.

Wu Tianyi asked Dapeng to have a good talk, and felt that even if he broke up, he could not say bad things about Wu 11 outside. The introducer Li Shu completely believed in Dapeng’s words, so he was just a little perfunctory to hear him say this. Wu Tianyi went to Dapeng’s house, and Li Xuemei opened the door. She introduced herself as Dapeng’s girlfriend and said that they had been well for a long time.

Li Xuemei rightly said that when she was with Dapeng, Dapeng had already broken up with Wu Shiyi, and Wu Shiyi was too busy to accompany him. She was not a third party. Wu Tianyi couldn’t bear it, and asked Dapeng why he said to others that Wu Xi had an affair. Wu Tianyi originally came to apologize, but he didn’t expect that the person who cheated was Dapeng.

He still said bad things about Wu 11 behind his back. Wu Tianyi asked them to clarify the rumors. But Dapeng and Li Xuemei’s expressions changed and accused him of coming uninvited and told him to leave immediately. Wu Tianyi was so angry that he had a heart attack. Dapeng saw that the situation was not right before calling 120.

Wu 11 was on the way to save the Marquis, when I received a call from the hospital saying that Wu Tianyi had a heart attack. At this moment, the Dapeng Empress was terrified and afraid of being taken over, but Li Xuemei believed in his words. The Marquis had already gone to the place scheduled with Liu Tiehao. As soon as Liu Tiehao came up, he attacked behind him and took pictures of the Marquis’s humiliation. The Marquis did not have the strength to fight back at all, Wu Shixi rushed to beat him down in time, and the Marquis did not forget to make up for it.

After the police arrived, the matter came to an end temporarily. Only then did Wu Xi call Qian Qian to ask about Wu Tianyi’s condition. He has finished the operation and his condition is temporarily stable. Wu Shixi didn’t know where to put the Marquis, so she could only take him to the hospital with herself. Qian Qian said that the caller was Dapeng and the location was Dapeng’s home.

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