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The same psychological test in “Two Days and One Night”, you can see the source of your stress from animals

In the journey of life, people always encounter more or less different kinds of setbacks and pressures. It is difficult to predict what kind of setback pressure each person may encounter and when the setback pressure will come.

In Han Zong’s “Two Days and One Night”, the members have taken a psychological test, which can detect your recent source of stress from the results. The guests on the scene are all very accurate, hurry up and take a test together.

Intuitively choose the animal you want to receive the most?

One day you explored in the forest and met the Indian tribes living there. During your stay, you had a good time with the tribesmen. When you left, the patriarch prepared a gift for you. Please choose an animal intuitively from the following 6 animals. Which animal would you choose?

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