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Day: December 12, 2019

Polyclinic Doctor 폴리클 닥터 (2019)

Polyclinic Doctor (2019)Other Title: 폴리클 닥터 / Polrikeul Dakteo Genres: Romance, Drama, MedicalEpisodes: 16Country: South KoreaDirector:Writer:Network: OSENRelease Date: Dec 31, 2019Related Show: Cast: Synopsis:3rd year medical students are in danger […]

Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 40 Plot

President Diao nibbling blood orange mutual entertainment Wei Yi draws deer together. In the waiting room, Bai Tian reluctantly resigned to Tang Shi. Wei Yicheng sincerely wishes to be the […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 17 Recap

The police found a lady’s long hair in the van discarded by Tian Wen. The DNA of the identification of the hair did not come out until tomorrow. They found […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 16 Recap

Long Farewell TV Show Episode 16: Fu Xiang feels that Tian Wen has concealed Ye Xi and found the van used by Tian Wen to throw away his body. Lianzhou […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 15 Recap

Wang Jian was gambling in Vietnam. Because the money was too large, he owed usury. When he was chased, the jade pendant worn on his neck was broken. A treasure […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 14 Recap

Long farewell TV drama episode episode 14: Tian Wen was arrested and admitted that he killed Su Mei Yin Zhe and wanted to kidnap Han Li as soon as possible […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 13 Recap

A long farewell TV series episode 13: Yin Zhe refuses to let Lianzhou tell the police what they found to kill Yin Lu. In order to facilitate monitoring Hantian Lin, […]

The Remedy (2019) Episode 12 Recap

Lao Du took Ye Xi to find Tian Wen’s son Tian Bo. Tian Bo didn’t know his father’s whereabouts. He cynically reported to the police that his parents were wonderful […]

Joy of Life (2019) Episode 21 Recap

The prince learned from Chen Pingping that the murderer who killed Lin Ye was Si Gu Jian, and did not believe him at all. Chen Ping Ping told everyone that […]

Joy of Life (2019) Episode 19 Recap

Qing Emperor sent someone to pick Fan Fan into the palace. The person who picked it up was Hou Gong. Fan Xian threw money into Hou Gong’s hands and asked […]