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The Tale of Nokdu Episode 11 Recap

Master Lu Wu learned the true identity of Mung Bean from Cherry, and he felt anger in his heart. He was so angry that he wanted to teach the following Denglang slut. At this time, a group of widows came to look for Mung Bean, and Mung Bean had to quickly change into female clothes. After going out with some kind words, the widows were sent away. Dongzhu confessed everything to Master Luwu in the room, Master Luwu left half-believingly.

At night, when it was supposed to be sleeping, Dongzhudi’s mind would occasionally present the scene of Dongzhu kissing himself before. He was always tossing and turning, and had no choice but to go out for a walk. Mung Bean felt Dongzhu’s abnormality. , The two came to a small pavilion together, in the pavilion, Dongzhu bluntly said that everything before was just a misunderstanding, so that Mung Bean should not take these things to heart, leaving only Mung Bean alone in the pavilion at a loss.

Maharaja Yongchang’s mother passed away, and the young child who lost her mother was crying extraordinarily sad. Looking at this miserable scene, His Royal Highness remembered the cruelty of his father to him before, telling his confidant that he was fortunate to be clean. Be neat, otherwise you must be in a difficult situation, and your confidant learned that the secret edict was true and took the opportunity to get the secret edict back.

The bloody storm is about to begin again. Knowing the fact that his Highness inherited the throne at that time, the supervisor told Mung Bean’s father that the child was Mung Bean, which may involve more political struggles, and Mung Bean may be more dangerous in the future.

Master Luwu found the cherry that had been confessing under a tree, and took them to the barbecue with them. Dongzhu has been avoiding Mung Bean recently. No matter how indifferently Dongzhu treats him, Mung Bean is always stalking him.

Master Luwu was worried about Dongzhu’s staying with a big man, and carefully asked Dongzhu whether he liked herself or Mung Bean. Mung Bean was in a corner outside the house, peeping jealously, and Cherry told Mung Bean that she wanted to change her husband’s choice.

In order to save Dongzhu’s heart, Mung Bean started to ask his master for advice and helped Dongzhu wash the dishes. The widows of the Martyrs’ League had to be dispatched collectively to perform the assassination mission. When they went out, Mung Bean happened to ran into him and realized that they were going to a sixtieth feast.

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