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The Lost Lord

The Lost Lord
Other Name: 失却之主

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Demon dream
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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This time, I will bring the book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapters of the original fantasy novel “The Lost Master” by the original fantasy novel. What kind of story will eventually happen to the two protagonists? Let’s wait and see! Xue Ling looked at me with tears, “Boss, the place is all for you, why are you still arresting me?” I poke him with my finger, “Frankly explain, how to make the Eternal Blood Orb, dare to hide it, hehe ! “Blood spirit straight

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Xue Ling looked at me with tears, “Boss, the place is for you, why are you still arresting me?”

I poke him with my finger, “Tell me honestly, how to make the Eternal Blood Orb, dare to hide it, hehe!”

The blood spirit fell directly, “Boss, do you mean to use the Ten Thousand Blood Spirit Orbs to make the formations of those gods?” I nodded, and the blood spirit continued: “Hey, simple. When you need it, just grab one. Gods or immortals, humans, all become good, and you can complete them with one throw in the battle.”

I was completely speechless, and I continued to ask: “Well, what is the use of my Wanjiao blood lotus?”

Xue Ling thinks about it, “Well, with your body like this, you will not lose your memory and your ability when you are reincarnated. If you kill too many people, your energy will increase crazily. As for whether I can take medicine, I don’t know. Do your own research.”

I completely gave up communicating with this little guy, and I directly told Pan Guaxe the result of the communication. Pan Gu Axe was also very helpless, and I began to experiment in the blood pool by myself how to make a ten thousand blood bead.

I caught the blood spirit again, and continued to ask: “Well, are lotus seeds useful for hair?”

Xue Ling said helplessly: “Reproduce!” Seeing my face turned dark, Xue Ling tilted his head and thought, “For those you care about, although the effect is not as strong as the Wanzhuan Blood Lotus’s body, it can still be used. Help save a certain amount of memory at the time of reincarnation.”

I nodded and began to ask very seriously: “Will the memories we carry will conflict?”

The blood spirit thought for a while and said, “That, it seems that it won’t. Just take me as an example. If you reincarnate and go to another dimension, my blood spirit must also go to that dimension. If you are too far away from your original distance, I It will become weak, which is a side effect of lotus seeds.”

The blood spirit looked at me and said weakly: “If your lotus stem can stay, I don’t have to leave here, and I can live. When I can completely control the lotus seeds that grow out of the lotus body, I can get rid of it completely. You control it.”

I looked at him with a smirk, and asked unkindly: “Get rid of my control?”

Xue Ling shivered and began to smile in a jealousy. I directly gave the remaining lotus seeds to Xue Ling. I said to the blood spirit: “Give Jia Feng one, and the rest to King Shura.”

I passed the remaining lotus heart to Pan Gu Axe and asked him to send it to my brother and others. Pan Gu Axe processed the lotus seeds directly, and began to teach the grandfather them to start planting those lotus seeds through his elder brother.

Pan Gu axe cleaned the lotus seeds, and then asked the grandfather to make a chaotic pond with aura, and then began to plant lotus flowers. The blood spirit thought for a while, only left one, and gave the rest back to me and said: “I can give this to Jia Feng, and you will leave the rest. I don’t think people in the Asura world need those blood lotus seeds. .”

I nodded, and gave those seeds to Pangu Axe again, called Pangu Axe. After all, with the blessing of Pangu God, the Pangu Axe is much stronger than before.

After dealing with the surrounding matters, I began to ask Pan Gu Axe: “Axe, what do you mean by blood sacrifice?”

Pan Gu axe said: “It’s very simple. Didn’t you seal the 33rd heaven with your life before? If you want to remove the 33rd heaven and seal, you have to use your life again to restore the 33rd heaven.”

I was disappointed to think about it, and then weakly consulted Pan Guaxe: “What if I don’t care about unblocking it?”

Pan Gu Axe seemed to be smiling, “Hehe, if you put together the ten great artifacts and get a Ten Thousand Blood Orb, you will naturally be able to recover.”

I nodded and said in summary: “Find the magical weapon and find another one to send you to death, and you can save the 33rd Heaven.” Pangu axe nodded, and I continued to ask: “Can the one who sent the death be the original Emperor?”

Pan Gu axe said, “Isn’t it not enough for the death of ten thousand blood spirit beads?”

I calmly said: “I have consulted about this, Xiao Xueling said, if I launch the Array of Loss now, I will die.”

Pan Gu axe said calmly, “Uh, if one dies, then it is fine for you to consider him.”

I nodded calmly. After discussing with me, Pan Gu Axe, and Xiao Xue Ling, the final decision has been basically made. That is, the God Realm will leave it alone. I just need to maintain the spiritual power around me. Just fine.

I thought about it, “Axe, I’m just a soul now, how can I find other things?”

Pan Gu axe arrogantly said: “Just kick you to reincarnation.”

I was completely speechless. In other words, I had to reincarnate again. I was very dissatisfied and asked: “Then find those things, how many times do I have to reincarnate?”

Pan Gu Axe was very irresponsible and said: “Anyway, there are these ten thousand rebirth blood lotus, no problem how many reincarnations!” I was speechless, I was completely speechless.

“Damn, you can’t sympathize with me, I’m very unlucky, okay?” I questioned with black lines, but the people who talked to me looked at me ignorantly.

I was very helpless and depressed, and Xiao Xueling also went to Jiafeng obediently. She gave the lotus seed to Jiafeng, and said simply: “Yin Huo said, give you the lotus seed, and all the others will call him. Give it to the Pangu people.”

Jia Feng asked Xiao Xueling unexpectedly: “What’s the use of this thing?”

Xiaoxueling Dese’s introduction: “Follow her, if she goes to reincarnation, you can easily be reborn by her side. Of course, if she leaves the lotus pole, then we don’t have to follow her to other places.”

Jia Feng thought for a while and said, “That is to say, as long as she is reborn, as long as I follow, can I appear next to her?”

Xiao Xueling corrected it seriously: “It’s to die by his side!” Jia Feng nodded with a black line. He knew that he owed this girl too much, and it was a good idea to be able to reincarnate with him.

Jia Feng looked at Xiao Xue Ling very seriously, “If he reincarnated, would you please inform me?” Xiao Xue Ling nodded automatically.

I started arranging the rest. Before I reincarnated, I also robbed me. After I was reincarnated, I might still want to live my life. It would be better to rob some more things.

With my serious threat, the people of the Asura clan went crazy again to rob things in the God Realm, and the things I named and robbed were mostly herbs and the like. Regardless of the miscellaneous, with enough divine herbs, I can make enough holy medicines. With the medicine, everything else is drizzling.

What’s more, if I really bring a bunch of artifacts down, then it is obviously the result of my own risk! The people below light up these artifacts, which is enough for me to have a headache. Even if I don’t kill mortals, if I get robbed by mortals, I will have a headache, okay?

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