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I Have a Summoning System Who Are I Afraid of

I Have a Summoning System Who Are I Afraid of (Novel)
Other Name: 我有召唤系统我怕谁

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Heng Chen Zhuo Shui
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Chen Qu, and Wuhu’s novel is “I Have a Summoning System Who Are I Afraid of”. Its author is the latest fantasy novel written by Heng Chen Zhuo Shui. The book mainly tells: “Pop!” The last one The black ball went into the hole. The current score is 10:25 with a big gap. Obviously, Chen Qu lost. “I’m convinced to lose.” Chen Qu put down the pole, sighed, and took out his wallet.

Free Reading Highlights:

“Pop!” The last black ball went into the hole.

The current score is 10:25. A big gap in the score.

Obviously, Chen Qu lost.

“I’m convinced to lose.” Chen Qu put down the pole, sighed, and took out his wallet… “Miss Chen Qu, no need, I want to use this thousand yuan to exchange your friendship.” Wang Chuanqi was generous. Waved his hand.

“How can this be done!” Chen Quxiu clumped his eyebrows, took out ten red soft sister coins and placed them on the table.

“The court has rules for the court. This is my business card. Next time my skills increase, I will challenge you again!” Chen Qu arched his hand and gave a business card.

“This…” Wang Chuanqi was at a loss.

“Go, Yang Yang, keep playing!” Chen Qu ignored it, and took Yang Yang away contentedly.

“Hey, do you want to watch the ball god be hanged?” When Chen Qu said softly when he passed by.

“…” Chen Qu’s body stagnated, then turned his head and glanced at when he looked very contemptuously, speeding up his pace, and pulling Yang Yan away.

“????? Huh?” When did he scratch his head in a daze.

I just said that because I obviously wanted to get closer to the rating, but it turned out…it seemed to lower the rating instead?

I? ! @#¥%……? ?

When was a little depressed scratching his head.

“Hey, Chen Zhuo, let’s go.” When did he sigh and tugged at the corner of Chen Zhuo’s clothes.

“Go? Where?”

“Come back home.”


“Why don’t you go home?”

“Stay and continue playing billiards?”

“Bart, walk around, I’m not in the mood anymore.”


“If you don’t go, I’ll go first. He Ying, let’s go.” When did you beckon.

“Leave sister He Ying~~~” Chen Zhuo suddenly became unhappy, and cried when he pounced on him.

“No.” When to refuse decisively.

“…Tsk, let’s go then.” Chen Zhuo thought left and right, and chose to go home.

“You’re a fat house full of beauties!”

“You’re a dead pervert full of revenge!”

…….. “Let’s talk about it, what are you doing with me.” When turned into a small alley, he turned around and asked.

“Cut, it really was discovered.” Wang Chuanqi shook his head and walked in.

“Don’t tell me that you want to get back the ten thousand yuan. Or you want to find the place. I have a grass father!” When Wei Wei hid behind Yingcao, she said with confidence.

“No.” Wang Chuanqi gritted his teeth, “Tell me about this again, I really want to die!”

“Ah yes! No mention or no mention.” When did some people shrink their necks, “So what’s the matter with coming here? Hey, by the way, someone seems to have said that geese have plucked their hair… .. ah don’t mention it!”

Seeing the blue veins jumping on Wang Chuanqi’s forehead, he immediately closed his mouth.

As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of a thief stealing a home, you are afraid of it.

There is a cultivator who thinks about himself every day, but he still feels a little uncomfortable.

“I recently thought that I always hide from XC like this, so tired. Come with me and dominate Wuhu City.” Wang Chuanqi said lightly.

“Why do you want to hide from XC? Enemy? Huh? Wait a while?? Dominate Wuhu City?!! Are you okay with your brain????” When was frightened, he said hurriedly.

“Through my observations over the past year, I discovered that in this small city of Wuhu City, there is no cultivating power at all, and scattered cultivators are all located in the underworld, the government and the military. As far as I know, the cultivators in Wuhu City are not There are more than 8,000 people, but only more than 500 people have truly entered the realm of cultivation.” Wang Chuanqi said lightly.

“Fuck? Eight thousand?? So many????” When was he shocked by this big data.

“There are nearly 900,000 people in Wuhu City? There are very few 8,000 people.” Wang Chuanqi looked at when he looked contemptuously, “And there are definitely no more than 500 people who have entered the lotus seed!”

“Fuck, that’s a lot!” When did he frown, “What else dominates Wuhu City…Are you a primary school student? Can you think of such a nonsensical idea?”

“I’ve had enough!” Wang Chuanqi slammed the wall fiercely, “I am being chased every day, even…Eh, I need to regain my own city!”

“Damn it? Is it really a chase?” When did the forehead suddenly be covered with black lines-what’s the matter with this wave of fictional operations? It’s kind of fascinating.

“Wuhu City is very suitable for development! I only need you to help me! You have such a powerful existence as Yingcao, it is not a problem to sweep Wuhu City! As long as you promise me! It doesn’t matter if you give you the leader!” Wang The legend said fiercely.

“Is there any benefit for me to help you? Will you give me a blank check for’first man’? You have eaten more salt than I have eaten. Isn’t it easy to play tricks on me? Fighting to change the stars, you can make me irresistible. I haven’t asked you to settle the matter of your previous heart.” When did I pick my ears and look unhappy.

“I haven’t found what you are thinking about… Forget it, I can’t do anything about that.” Wang Chuanqi paused, with a look of indignation, “As long as you help me dominate this black Lake City, it’s easy to say anything!”

“That said, I don’t think there is any benefit to me to help you, but it’s even all disadvantages.” When did he shook his head, “Get out of the way, I’m going back.”

“You have to believe me! What benefits do you want, after dominating Wuhu City, you can really give you everything!” Wang Chuanqi said very excitedly.

“You keep hiding XC, it’s none of my business.” When did he shrug his shoulders.

“Are you lacking cultivation materials? I can give you everything like spirit stones! I have access to these things! Otherwise, where did I get such precious things from my heart?” Wang Chuanqi was about to fail. , Gritted his teeth and insisted on persuading.

“No. I believe I can get these things myself.” When he indifferently refused.

“I really beg you!” Wang Chuanqi fell to his knees with a thump.

“Huh?? Why are you so obsessed with dominating Wuhu City? Isn’t it okay to live like before?” When was he shocked.

Is it an illusion?

I always feel… Wang Chuanqi is older than before.

“I have no other choice!” Wang Chuanqi squatted once again.

“Eh, it’s not that you get up first, get up first!” When he panicked, he hurriedly stepped forward to help Wang Chuanqi up.

“No, I won’t get up if you don’t promise me!” Wang Chuanqi slapped again.

“…Then you continue to kowtow. I’m leaving.” When did you think about it, it would only hurt to do so, so he was cruel and refused.

Worried by the underworld.

Was worried by the government.

Was worried by the military.

When this boss has to be beaten by the early bird.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t be this old man.

Why do you have to help this smelly old man?

Risking his life to help someone who has harmed himself?

It’s impossible to think about it.

When he thought of this, when his eyes became more indifferent.

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