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Denmark establish diplomatic relations

Denmark, the full name of the Kingdom of Denmark. It means “land where the Dan people live” or “country with sandy beaches”. Located in northern Europe, it includes most of Jutland and 406 islands. It covers an area of ​​43093 square kilometers (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands). With a population of 516.2 million (1992), Danes account for more than 96%.

Danish is the official language. The vast majority of residents believe in Christian Lutheranism. The capital city of Copenhagen. Resources are poor, with a small amount of oil, natural gas, and lignite. One of the developed capitalist countries, with shipbuilding, cement, machinery, electronics, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, and food processing industries as its main economic sectors.

One of the top ten fishing nations in the world. The per capita gross national product is about 25,200 US dollars. Currency name Danish kroner.

The raw materials and fuels needed are mainly imported. Export products include meat, fish, dairy products, chemicals, machinery, instruments, electronic products, furniture, textiles and clothing; imports of petroleum, coal, chemical products, steel, machinery, transportation equipment, cotton spinning products, paper and beverages, etc. Sea, land, and air transportation are developed, and merchant ships are mainly engaged in international transportation.

The railway is 2,344 kilometers long and the highway is 70922 kilometers long. There are more than 100 ports nationwide. A unified kingdom was formed in 985 AD. Conquered the whole of England and Norway in the 1120s and became a pirate empire. In 1397, the Danish-dominant Kalmar Union (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) was established.

The first constitution was promulgated in 1849, establishing a constitutional monarchy. Neutrality was declared in both wars. It was occupied by Germany from April 1940 to May 1945.

After the war, the main political parties such as the Social Democratic Party, Liberal Party, Conservative Party, and Radical Party were mostly governed by coalition or independent parties. April 16th is National Day. It established diplomatic relations with China on May 11, 1950.

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