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The Ranch Episode 1-4 Plot

The Ranch Episode 1

Beau comes home to a surprise visit from Colt, who is in transit to a tryout with a semi-pro football team in Denver. Beau scolds Colt for not helping out on the ranch, a promise he made six years ago. Beau, Colt and Rooster meet Maggie at her bar, but Colt invites Heather, one of the patrons, to have sex. Beau asks Colt to help with giving birth to a stillborn calf, which is eventually saved when Colt gives it CPR. Colt learns that Beau is having a hard time managing the ranch because of an extensive drought and having only Rooster to help. Colt makes the Denver team, but tells his father he didn’t, and offers to stay and help with the ranch. The drought breaks, and the Bennetts reunite at home.

The Ranch Episode 2

Colt gets into a heated argument with Beau and Rooster as they make him do the dirtiest work on the ranch. Colt seeks consolation with his mom at Maggie’s and bumps into Abby, his high school sweetheart, and her boyfriend Kenny, who attended high school with Colt and Abby and played in the band. Abby comes to the Bennett house that night to meet Colt and confess her love for Kenny, who she expects to marry. Feeling depressed, Colt sleeps in and comes to work late. An angry Beau tells Cole to go back to the house to make him coffee and Colt refuses, so Beau says if Colt can’t follow directions, he can leave. Beau and Rooster argue about Beau’s treatment of Colt, with Beau claiming he pushes Colt hard in order “to prepare him for the rest of his life”. Colt converses with Maggie, who points out his tendencies toward stubbornness and running away from problems – traits he shares with Beau. After reflecting on Maggie’s observation, Colt returns to the ranch the next morning, makes breakfast for Rooster and Beau, and prepares for a hard day of work.

The Ranch Episode 3

Colt, Rooster, and Beau toss a football and Beau injures his back. Maggie disproves Beau’s claims that he’s uninjured by challenging him to pick a beer up from the floor of the bar. Kenny asks Colt to give a speech at the Garrison High School football team’s annual dinner. Colt meets Garrison’s new quarterback and coach, but his egotistical storytelling earns him their him disrespect. Beau visits the doctor, who disproves his claim of feeling no pain by leaving a prescription on the floor for him to pick up. The doctor diagnoses Beau with high blood pressure and advises him to cut back on alcohol and red meat. Abby drops off Colt’s high school letter man jacket for him to wear at the dinner, but he makes the conversation awkward by trying to kiss her, to which she is unreceptive. As a result, he humiliates himself at the speech. Afterwards, Colt is pulled over for driving a tractor while impaired, and the arresting officer is his high school friend Billy. At breakfast the next morning, Beau suggests Colt is exercising poor judgment because he has not yet decided who he wants to be.

The Ranch Episode 4

Rooster tries to convince Colt to go to Maggie’s with him, but Colt doesn’t want to go because he’s afraid of running into Abby. Colt reluctantly accompanies Rooster, meets Abby and apologizes to her, and agrees to respect her relationship with Kenny. Heather and Nikki plan a party with Colt, Rooster, Kenny, and Billy. A drunk Abby says she thinks Colt deserves a better girlfriend than the much younger Heather and tries to kiss him, but Colt turns her down. Rooster’s advance on Nikki fails because she falls for Billy. Maggie invites Beau to spend the night at the Telluride Marriott, the prize she won in the raffle at the football team’s dinner. Maggie hopes for a romantic evening, while Beau intends to have quiet time alone with her. An argument ensues, with Maggie blaming Beau for always insisting on having his way and Beau apologizing for not being more understanding.

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