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Happiness is not easy

By Shuimu Nianhua

People have always grown up in stumbles throughout their lives, constantly gaining and losing. Many things are like shooting stars, but surprises are short-lived. When I think about it, I don’t even have the opportunity to say goodbye. What is left is full of regrets, I think , This is the price of growth!

Happiness is always short-lived, whether happy or unhappy, the traces of the years are carved on the annual rings of time. After all, I have had a heartbeat, so everything is happy, even if it is sad, the corner of my mouth still smiles upwards, always thinking that the future is long and the future is promising. As everyone knows, the next intersection may be goodbye.

Happiness occurs in the period of ignorance. It may be the inattentiveness of the youth, or the wishful thinking of the youth. It is always enjoying and missing. What is missed may be the most innocent, and what is enjoyed may be self-righteous romance and perseverance, with some heartfelt feelings. Rebellion and the values ​​that he recognizes are so missed.

Happiness is actually at your own feet, grasp the present, do not read the past, do not fear the future, do everything steadily, and treat everyone seriously.

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