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11 philosophical stories to make your life easier

  1. An old carpenter is about to retire, and the boss is reluctant to let him go. He wants him to build another house before leaving. Although the old carpenter agreed, his heart was no longer in his work. He used poor materials and performed rough work. When the house was built, the owner said it was his retirement gift. He didn’t expect to build his own house, and he was ashamed and regretful.

Revelation: In fact, everything in life is done for yourself, and you should do your best to do it.

  1. The mouse fell into the half-full rice jar, which made it overjoyed by accident. After confirming that there is no danger, it devoured a meal, and then fell asleep after eating. In this way, it ate and slept in the rice vat, slept and ate. Good days always slip by quickly, and when the rice tank is about to bottom out, it can’t get rid of the temptation of rice after all. Finally, when the rice was finished, it realized that it was just a dream to jump out, and nothing could be done.

Revelation: Our lives seem flat, but there are crises everywhere.

  1. On the first day, the little white rabbit went fishing and found nothing. The next day, it went fishing again, and it was the same. On the third day when it arrived, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted: If you dare to use carrots as bait again, I will crush you to death.

Enlightenment: What you give is what you “want” to give, not what the other party wants. Living in your own world is worthless!

  1. A friend is a doctor. After a cancer operation, he found that he couldn’t cut it after opening it, so he had to sew it up again. I went to explain the situation to the patient. The patient came from the countryside and could not understand the terminology. He insisted that after the operation, he would be cured. He had to be discharged from the hospital, and a return visit a year later, it was really good, the cancer cells really disappeared. My friend was originally a doctor of medicine, and then went on to read a doctor of psychology.

Revelation: Optimism is the best surgery.

  1. That year, when he was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for his friends, a girl came over and asked: Did you go on a blind date through Aunt Wang? He looked up at her, she was the type he liked, and he thought to himself why he was wrong, so he hurriedly agreed: Yes, please take a seat. …On the wedding day, he confessed that he was not going on a blind date. The wife smiled and said: I’m not going on a blind date, I’m just looking for an excuse to chat with you…

Revelation: Opportunity is coming, don’t hesitate to seize it!

  1. Two tigers, one in a cage and one in the wilderness. The two tigers thought they were in a bad environment and envied each other. They decide to swap identities and start out happily. But soon, both tigers died: one of starvation, the other of melancholy.

Revelation: Sometimes people turn a blind eye to their own happiness and always turn their eyes to the happiness of others. In fact, what you have is what others admire.

  1. The girls openly voted for the class flower, and the plain-looking Xiaomei delivered a speech: If I am elected, in a few years, the sisters present can proudly say to their husband that when I was in college, I was more beautiful than the class flower! As a result, she was elected unanimously!

Revelation: To persuade others to support you, it is not necessary to prove that you are better than others, but to make others feel that because of you, they have become better and more fulfilled.

  1. At a banquet, Mark Twain sat opposite a lady and said politely: You are so beautiful! The lady didn’t appreciate it, and said proudly: “It’s a pity that I can’t praise you in the same way! Mark Twain said euphemistically and peacefully: That’s okay, you can just tell a lie like me. The lady bowed her head in shame.

Revelation: The stone you throw is often you who stumbles.

  1. The old monk and the young monk were traveling in Fang, and they encountered a river on the way; they saw a woman who was trying to cross the river, but did not dare to. The old monk took the initiative to carry the woman across the river, then put the woman down and continued on the road with the young monk. The little monk couldn’t help but muttered along the way: what happened to Master? How dare you carry a woman across the river? I walked all the way and thought about it all the way, and finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and said, “Master, have you broken the precepts?” Why did you carry a woman on your back? The old monk sighed: I have already let go, but you still can’t let go!

Enlightenment: A gentleman is magnanimous, and a villain is always affectionate; he is broad-minded, open-minded, and can afford and let go of things, so that he can always maintain a healthy state of mind.

  1. On a high-speed train, an old man accidentally dropped one of the new shoes he just bought from the window. The people around felt very sorry. Unexpectedly, the old man immediately threw the second shoe from the window. This move was even more surprising. The old man explained: No matter how expensive this shoe is, it is useless to me. If anyone can pick up a pair of shoes, maybe he can still wear them!

Revelation: The pain that is destined to be irreversible, it is better to give up early.

  1. The wife is cooking in the kitchen. The husband kept nagging beside her: Slow down. Be careful! The fire is too big. Quickly turn the fish over. Quickly shovel, put too much oil! Flatten the tofu! “Oops,” the wife blurted out, “I know how to cook.” “Of course you do, ma’am,” the husband replied calmly, “I just wanted to let you know how I feel when I’m driving and you’re chattering next to me.

Enlightenment: It is not difficult to learn to be considerate of others, as long as you are willing to seriously look at the problem from the perspective and position of the other party.

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