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Philosophical Story: The Wisdom of Donkeys!

The donkey, the horse and the ox were attracted by the owner, so the owner took them home, and the next day, the owner planned to let them work in the field. The plow sticks in the house were relatively large, and it was difficult for anyone to pull them, so the owner connected the three of them together. In this way, the plough can be pulled easily.

I do this kind of work every day, but I can’t get any special rewards. The scalper gradually started to play with it. It thinks that the work is everyone’s work, not my own, so I will be lazy when I should be lazy. So it doesn’t work hard at all. However, the master couldn’t find it at all. The scalpers are thankful for their ingenuity, because they can still enjoy the same treatment as horses and donkeys without much effort.

After a period of time, the horse also discovered the secret of the scalper, but the owner did not do anything to it, so the horse began to follow suit. The owner still didn’t find out, and after finishing the work, he still gave them the same fodder for three. The horse secretly laughed at his cleverness.

However, there are two lazy ones for such a big plough, and the burden on the donkey will naturally become heavier. It has to put in more effort every day than before to keep the plow sticks running. Although it sweats a lot every day, it does not have any complaints.

One day, the owner’s plow stick broke and had to be replaced with a small plow stick. After changing the small plow, there is no need to pull three at the same time, only one can be done. The owner took into account the strength of the scalper, so he let it play. The ox was out of breath after pulling for a while. No matter how the owner whipped it, it wouldn’t move because it really had no strength.

The owner angrily replaced it with a horse, but the performance of the horse was not as good as that of the ox. Unexpectedly, the donkey took the initiative to ask for a try. The master looked at it suspiciously and agreed.

To the owner’s surprise, the donkey could not only pull the small plow stick, but also pull it to the end. In this way, the donkey completed the task well. On that day, the owner rewarded it with a large pile of fodder, while the ox and horse could only Looking enviously.

The next day, the owner sold the cattle and horses to the slaughterhouse, and the donkey lived a happy life in labor.

The reason why the donkey can surprise its owner is because of its usual hard work and hard work, it knows that the work is not done for others, but for itself. So because it recognizes this, it allows itself to have a great ability.

In fact, many times, we humans are the same, work is not done for anyone, but for ourselves. Any attempt to opportunistically is tantamount to self-destruction.

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