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Lawyers should pay attention to learning every day

Lawyers should pay attention to learning every day

Lawyers usually focus on how to develop their business, how to make money, and how to support their family. Lawyers also know the lack of relevant legal knowledge and know that they should learn legal knowledge. But there is no time, or there is time, but because the mind is not quiet, it is impossible to calm down and study. My suggestion is that lawyers must make time to study in meditation.

1. Legal knowledge is the ability of lawyers to provide legal services to clients.

How can you provide effective legal services to clients if you don’t have real facts as a lawyer? No case, worry about the case; but the case came to the front, and he could not take over the case. What a sad thing you say!

2. Whether the lawyer has the corresponding legal knowledge will be felt by the client.

When a client is looking for a lawyer, he will also check whether the lawyer has the corresponding legal skills.

Although the client does not understand the law, he can also see whether the lawyer has a practical solution to the dispute through the conversation with the lawyer. As a lawyer, if you have no legal relationship or solution to the case, and the lawyer just keeps bragging, it is useless and will not impress the client.

3. the method of learning is appropriate.

a. Listen to a lecture by a legal expert.

Listening to the lectures of legal experts is indeed conducive to understanding the difficult issues of the relevant laws, as well as the spiritual essence of the laws. However, the lectures of experts are one-sided, it is impossible to cover everything, but only to certain points. Listening to expert lectures cannot completely replace all learning.

b. Self-study for lawyers is the most important way to learn legal knowledge.

Only a lawyer can fully grasp the relevant legal knowledge by himself.

c. Systematic study of legal knowledge will have a greater practical effect.

d. Lawyers should pay attention to repeatedly reviewing the legal knowledge they have learned to prevent forgetting.

e. Diversity of the legal system, the formation of the network of legal knowledge.

There are many systems of legal knowledge, ranging from single system to multi-system; the law of the program system and the law of the entity system are intertwined to form a large legal network.

The above is my understanding of lawyers learning legal knowledge. You should not envy other people’s great achievements, but should think about why they can do this? Lintan envy the fish, it is better to retreat and make a net

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