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Knowledge Realization Payment (Book)

Author: Yuan Rongjian

– Business logic and practical guide for knowledge realization –

From the perspective of industrial economy, this book explores the basic laws of knowledge-paying operations and development from general to special, and then from special to general, and provides reference and guidance for entrepreneurs, practitioners, and researchers who pay for knowledge.

This book is composed of three parts:

  1. First, it is designed to allow readers to understand and understand knowledge payment. First, on the basis of fully studying the definition of knowledge payment, from the aspects of characteristics, classification, manifestation, influencing factors and the difference and connection with content payment, etc., to clarify its connotation and extension; secondly, the market-centered analysis The operation principle of knowledge payment is a portrait of knowledge payment industry.
  2. Second, select representative cases of knowledge-paying industries for in-depth analysis, summarize the laws, and provide entrepreneurs with ways and methods to achieve. Starting from practice, this book divides the knowledge payment industry into three categories: companies operating platforms, companies operating content, and content providers. Focused on companies that operate platforms such as Zhihu, Himalayas, and Little Goose; companies that operate content such as Wu Xiaobo Channel and Kaishu Storytelling; content providers such as Tang Ya, Tian Jishun, and Xu Jie; and studied the platform with the example of getting An enterprise that integrates operations and content operations. Through case studies, summarize the business model and profit model of knowledge payment, and provide practical guidance for entrepreneurs in the knowledge payment industry to discover and grasp entrepreneurial opportunities, create market players, and do product value and capital management.
  3. Prospects for the future of knowledge payment. Pre-judged the development stage of the industry, industry supervision, industry integration, knowledge product development, knowledge payment platform development and operation mechanism.

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