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The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ Poems

The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ Poems
Other Name: 爱与诗的炼金术士——叶芝诗传, The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ Poems

Genre: Historical fiction
Author: Gong Xiaohui
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The leader of the Irish Renaissance and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923, his poems “always full of inspiration and express the spirit of the entire nation in a highly artistic form”. Yeats once said: “The poet must live an absolutely honest life. The better his poems are written, the more honest his life will be. His life is a living experiment…” So this novel tries to learn from Ye Starting from the practice of writing poetry, Zhi tried to prove the honesty of his life based on his superb poetry, that is, he “rejoiced in the great night”…

Free Reading Highlights:

The Myth of the Yeats Family

” Completely full sincerity solid in a body must must not stop with him from own horn force , in addition to non- he finished the whole was anger angry or excited feelings of the control system . He needs to do that it and more of the decisions given , in addition to the good heart to outside , do not it him to lead . Bi actually, In the black dark that fans palace like a hole cave in , good heart just is micro weak of flash light . “
Ye Chi : ” Early in mind memories “

In Zhong Guo now when the generation of poetry altar , Ye Zhi complete a full enough to get on , ” Wen Yi Qing years of teaching father ” of the said number . A mention and leaves Chicago , many more than people will be Yin recite from that first kuai Sunburn human mouth is ” when you are old the ” , this first poem toIts magic method like a charm force sense transfected with the public more than the reading were , Ye Chi also as to the various multi- say do not do the work at home in hwan sent a Wing Hang light -hui of people .

However, while the leaves Chicago in verse song in the as it is far not only this , he seems almost born to it bear the negative with as people between the spread of Yu -chou secret secret of God, the holy cause of life , ” as the sign of the main meaning ” it is he finished into the life of that the front Lee ‘s sword ,To their God the Holy of sexual nature and independent stand of living life in poetry song circles and the arts art community a singular system wins .

Year 1923, Nuo Bei Er awarded the Prize Committee members will be Nuo Bei Er Wen science prize awarded to Ai Er Lan for home Wei Lian • Pakistani special Le • Ye Chi , table Akira ” He was never far from rich in spiritual sense of poetic song , in a Species high degree arts operation of the form of formula sheetNow the whole a civil family of the essence of God ” , this after Ye Chi on more is sucked lead of a large batch of Zhong Guo poetry people , for the home and turn translated the home of blue gaze , from Zheng Zhen Duo to Zhu light submersible , leaves Chicago the work product as to turn translation boundary of the hot spot.

Although However, Ai Er Lan also happy joy even Dole does not have to be brought to the office bearing recognize and praise praise from own of British male , but being as ” road plus blessing tone ” in Ye Su ‘s words : ” Ye Chi real in report v. you have , not have to know the self own homeTownship is pleased satisfied of ” , in Ai Er Lan people are still not quasi prepare good pick satisfied that leaves Chicago ‘s front , Ou Zhou that his country home on the open start bearing recognize Ye Chi poem Song of Wei large . However, while Ye Chi small family child gas of ancestral country but will he throw abandoned , loveSeoul Lan ‘s Tian Zhu teach media body actually ran evil poison to the leaves Chicago and its the same way people said to be ” new in the right potential ” , and will he look into different teaching believers and total economy will be in with the class .

Although natural leaf Chicago from own ancestral country without law blocking stop him go chasing seeking Yi Zhong finished full of arts technique , but he had also never far no will to this kind Yi Wei rate really rather special stand alone line the day before Qu clothes and duly Association , whose real leaves Chicago to write for the bodyCut each different in culture class large multi have a phase similar to the main theme , the beginning of the end of love affection and love Er Lan Min family alone stand points not open , he began the final strong defensive ” with a calendar history of mold child to cast made from own , so that did not come in time on behalf of leaf Chi had thisSome people still however is not available levy service of Ai Er Lan son people . ” As if you go to Te La Farm grams force husband ‘s tomb ground , still then be to see to the security and buried him in Tai Li stone monument on of that sentence poem : ” for students to live , to die the death of voteOn a cold cold of Yi Yan , riding disabilities Oh , to the front ! “

That this ” leaves Chicago Poems Biography ” is not but is read by exhibition shows the Yi Fu Ye Chi ‘s full body Shaw like , and and also lure you deep into the Yi Ge deep mysterious no ratio , ultra Van de vulgar , but also rich in Chuan Qi color color of the leaves Chicago ‘s poem song world community .Ye Zhi Ben Ren born before pass through reading read Tai Ge Er of poetry to forget to remember worry worry and suffer pain , the world community ‘s culture arts green years and pass through reading reading leaves Chicago ‘s poem to obtain induced Yi Ge think think and arts technique the very best super then the management would like the environment sector .

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