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Reading “No Excuses”

The reviewed the book “No Excuses” recommended by the company, and gained a profound understanding of the goals, responsibilities and attitudes detailed in the book, and was deeply inspired by it.

“There is no excuse” is the most important code of conduct that the United States West Point Military Academy has pursued for 200 years. It is the first philosophy that West Point Military Academy imparts to every freshman. It reinforces that every student tries his best to complete any item. tasks, rather than making excuses for not completing tasks, even plausible ones.

Human habits are formed unconsciously, and it is a long process in which certain behaviors, thoughts and attitudes are gradually formed in the depths of the mind. Good habits make us reduce the time to think, simplify the steps of action, and make us more efficient; while bad habits make us closed, conservative, self-righteous, and conformist. Excuses are a bad habit. Once we develop the habit of making excuses, our work will be procrastinated and inefficient.

Indeed, grand excuses allow us to temporarily avoid difficulties and responsibilities and gain some psychological comfort. Just like “a lie needs to be covered up with countless lies”, with one excuse after another, we are subtly changing ourselves. We have developed a terrible negative mental habit in our work, which can make our work procrastinate and ineffective, and thus become negative and ultimately achieve nothing.

Making excuses is a sign of irresponsible attitude. As young employees, we must maintain a positive attitude, put an end to making excuses and shirk responsibility, and avoid becoming the “old fritters” in the workplace.

Combined with the actual work, in the rationalization suggestion activities and continuous improvement projects carried out by Nanjing Automobile Forging Co., Ltd. where I work, continuous improvement has become a common practice and has been integrated into our daily work, which is a challenge and opportunity for our young employees. Every employee actively puts forward department or company management, production, and technical problems and suggestions to relevant departments by scanning the code, and many “golden ideas” emerge.

We all spontaneously find problems and correct them; each continuous improvement project Responsibility is assigned to specific personnel. We must work with a master mentality during the project implementation process. If a problem occurs during the work process, we cannot find an excuse to pass the responsibility to someone else or a certain influencing factor, but should calmly analyze it. problem, find out the cause, and find a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Review by Zhao Rui

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