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Valentine Day Story

The meaning of Valentine

V is VERITY. Truth exists. You should give the truth to her or him. About how you are in reality Is there anything you can tell her or him about yourself now? Openly In truth, if the truth is that you and her Or he who has been together The trust, understanding, and compassion will multiply. There are only 4 things in this world that you know and don’t know: You know, they don’t know, you don’t know, they know, you know, they know, you don’t know, they don’t know. Or you don’t know him, telling you that knowledge will become something revealed To tell him that love is in a hurry to say it today. Do not say that the act has already told Ab The eyes are already telling. Clearly say “Love you”.

AAMBITION is an ambition. You will love, will love to flirt. You should have a high desire. Not only see him send cards, send flowers, take him to celebrate for fun only, you should have a passion for love seriously, not just to be fashionable Or a friend dragged over or invited to find a beautiful card. Order a beautiful red rose in advance. Try to do it with good wishes. There is a fire in your heart.

L is LENIENT. Lenient Or things that can be abandoned, should be abandoned Do not keep attention to be garbage in the mind. Or blemishes Do not think of old things nowadays should be thought of Can remember that Some things are discarded. Don’t think of mercy, kindness, or love. Desire is better than

EIs equality, equality, equality in modern times Lovers or lovers There should be equality, not in the present period. Respectfully. Morning. Respect. Evening. We must step together. With determination in the future With equality But we always think that side by side Better parallel to come together Moving forward with equal love What does he give to us? We should equally reward him equally, not taking advantage of him. He came to show his love with a big bouquet of roses. But I gave him only one flower. Seems too exploited True, some people may think that it is not important. But it is important for the heart If each person has given equality The scales wouldn’t be inclined, right?

NIs NOTABLE to praise in good condition Even if you are equal You should praise her or him in a good position for the general public, which is to honor her or him to society. That being a beautiful person is a good person Regardless of being in front and behind Not gossiping Burned in front of friends to burn as microbes Or talk funny Behind you or him that is like this, not against me. I am great. You should praise him or him. On the occasion that and while being in love, then it will be even better

TIs TENDER, a tender love Elaborate Caring Love me Tender would probably tell you many things. You should cherish her or him with love, softness, concern. Call. Hello, Valentine. Or even if you have an appointment to meet up to give VALENTINE gifts, you should call hi first. To let her or him see that you are concerned How good wishes To celebrate together must be gentle in that atmosphere. Look how much fresh and refreshing love?

IIs INNOVATION, making new things for lovers Lover or love life No matter how you live, you always have been like that. However you like each other like that Used to give anything You should do new and strange things in your and her life. Change is the way of life Therefore, you should change anything in a good way. Like what you will find on VALENTINE day, she will change from a rose flower to a rose pattern fabric. Or a red rose embroidered handkerchief Or a rose diamond pendant Optional rose brooch The one you could give to him might be a rose embroidered handkerchief. Rose pin brooch or a rose shaped ring for wearing a little finger Try changing it.

NIs NEXUS. The relationship is forever. It’s not only VALENTINE that you give her or her birthday, New Year’s Day. Anniversary of the love that has been given Anniversaries, wedding days, or important days you can give Or some days send a large bouquet of flowers to her with a short slogan “Love you” to make people at work or friends jealous. It shows your relationship to her or that you still miss you. Love.

EENDURANCE. Endurance, endurance, long-lasting, immortal, immortal. You must have patience for everything if you have to face it. It may be time for you to wait. You must stand by your wishes. You must be tolerant when you Face the things you will be angry with. Or upset In front of her or him You should behave and act. Is always like that, not for almost a month, just calling or writing a letter Or disappear for a year Just came to say “Love you”. You should have love, compassion and mercy. Your life will be bright as the first rose that has to be the dew of the new day.

“Day of Love” of Saint the Valentine ‘s, Day, or Valentine “sDay. And has spread throughout Europe, America, including in Asia as well.

Valentine’s day gift

Flowers give the best means of telling love. The most popular is

  • Red roses mean love and desire. Is Cupid’s flower Is what brings luck to women who have been
  • White roses mean charm, purity, tranquility and luck to women who have received the same red roses.
  • Pink roses refer to the love that is completely happy.
  • Yellow or orange rose means hot, long-lasting love, not faded, sweet, and happy.
  • Rose bud means love and youth.
  • Blooming roses referring to the blossoming love of freshness and freshness.

For those who want something different, there are other flowers such as:

  • Red carnation means deep love.
  • White lilies mean sweet romance between you and your lover.
  • Red tulips mean the love that they can share with each other.
  • Violets that represent the meaning of giving in return.


Many psychologists believe that Chocolate helps to strengthen the love mood. And the sweet taste is a good substitute for the day of love And there is also scientific proof that chocolate contains stimulants that act like amphetamines as a pathfinder for deep feelings of love.

This card is necessary along with the flowers and chocolate. Choose the one you like. Write in your mind the way you want the person you received. Read and understand immediately Also not difficult to find

Dolls are something that can be given every season. But special for the day of love must choose to be cute Impressive instead of meaning Every mood depends on what type you choose.

Popular scented candles among young people Which can convey both the meaning from the heart shape and gives a fragrant aroma as attractive as anyone who can choose how much they like.

Dinner is indispensable for a special meal on the day of love. Regardless of the type of place in your house, restaurant, or the seaside, only you and your lover can go.

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