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Introduction to the three long and narrow countries in the world

Narrow and long definitely refers to the “narrow length” of a country’s land area. When a war is coming, a narrow and long country is most likely to be “cut in the middle” if they cannot care for each other. Do you know what narrow and long countries there are in the world? We can compare geographically to see which countries in the world have the most narrow and long homeland. Let me introduce you to the three long and narrow countries in the world!

The narrowest country in the world – Chile. Narrow index★★★★★

The coastline is 10,000 kilometers long, 4,352 kilometers long from north to south, 96 kilometers at the narrowest point from east to west, and the average width does not exceed 180 kilometers. Therefore, the country with the narrowest and narrowest territory in the world is none other than Chile. If you don’t believe it, open the printed world map, or open the Baidu map on the navigation to have a look. When you open it, you will be surprised. Chile’s territory looks like a long dragon up close, a ribbon from a distance, and a crutch not far or near. Others say it looks like a brush, but it’s a bit outrageous.

The southernmost part of Chile is called Tierra del Fuego, and the northernmost part is called Arica. The distance between the two places is more than 4,350 kilometers. Speaking of which, do you think this number is too abstract?

Well, let me tell you, the distance between the southernmost Zengmu Shoal in the South my country Sea and the main waterway north of the Mohe River in Heilongjiang, the northernmost part of China, is 5,500 kilometers, and the distance from Mohe to Hainan Island is about 4,900 kilometers. However, although the length of my country’s land from north to south is roughly the same as that of Chile, the width of China from east to west extends from the Pamir Plateau in Xinjiang to the main channel of Ussuri in the northeast, and the distance between the two is 5,000 kilometers. It can be seen that our bodies are relatively well-proportioned.

Don’t know, just know. Looking at the above figures, you know how long and narrow Chile is. The narrowest part of Chile is less than 100 kilometers, and it takes less than an hour to drive from the eastern border to the western border in less than an hour. Even on horseback, it’s two hours. That is to say, even the ancient cavalry, when they attacked Chile, wanted to cut off the middle in a blink of an eye. The speed of a fighter plane is about 4,000 kilometers per hour, and it can fly from east to west in one or two minutes, and it takes less than one bag of cigarettes. But this is only theoretical data. If you really want to cut it off, only the Air Force will not be able to do it, and ground troops will also be dispatched.

If you enter Chile from eastern Chile, you will find that this is a tough bone to crack. Because the eastern part of Chile is full of towering peaks, the altitude is between 2,000 meters and 3,000 meters. From east to west, one-third of them are mountain peaks, and the middle part is a valley formed by collapse. 1200 meters or so. There is a natural barrier in western Chile – the Pacific Ocean. If you come from the sea, there is no strong navy to drink.

If attacked from the north of Chile, then the Andes Mountains must be conquered first. The north is mountainous with a minimum altitude of 6,000 meters. Between the two mountains is the endless Atacama Desert.

The most prosperous place in Chile is in the middle. The capital of Chile, Santiago, and the largest industrial city in Chile are in the middle. Of the country’s 16 million people, one-third of the population (5 million) lives in the capital. The southern part of Chile has a humid tropical climate with abundant rainfall.

Vietnam is the narrowest country in the world. Narrow index★★★★

The coastline is more than 3260 kilometers long. Vietnam’s territory is 1,600 kilometers long from north to south, and the narrowest point is 50 kilometers from east to west. Vietnam’s territory is also long from north to south, wide from east to west, and a pole carries two baskets. The long and narrow coastline is full of ports, and shipping is very convenient. Like Chile, Vietnam has many mountains, accounting for three-quarters, mostly in the north and northwest. The highest Huanglian Mountain is 3,140 meters above sea level. Western Vietnam is also a mountain range, with the Truong Son Mountains running through the north and south.

The most prosperous area of ​​Vietnam is on the eastern coast, which belongs to the plain area. The Mekong and Red River plains are the two largest plains in Vietnam. Although Vietnam’s territory is very narrow and long, it is also a very difficult bone to chew.

Norway is the narrowest country in the world. Narrow index★★★

Norway’s land area is only 385,000 square kilometers, but its coastline is 21,000 kilometers long. Are you talking about long and narrow? The largest mountain range in Norway is the Scandinavian Mountains, which runs through the whole of Norway. The highest mountain in Norway is Glitter Peak, 2470 meters above sea level. The iceberg plateau and mountains occupy two-thirds of the entire country, and they are all barren land. Like Vietnam, there are many natural harbors, and the south is dominated by lakes and swamps.

There are 150,000 offshore islands in Norway, which are both natural ports and tourist attractions. Moreover, Norway is very rich in oil and natural gas reserves, ranking first in Western Europe. In addition, Norway is also very rich in water resources, forest resources and fishery resources. It can be said that the natural conditions are unique.

Norway is the third of the three richest countries in the world, with a per capita GDP of more than $80,000. Norway knows that its territory is small, and it is generally uncontested and aloof from the world. In World War I, they declared their neutrality and escaped the catastrophe. After World War II declared neutrality, the Nazis ignored it and sent troops to occupy it. After the end of World War II, the Norwegians understood a truth that neutrality is not as good as a tiger’s thigh, so Norway actively joined NATO. After Norway joined NATO, there is less fear. Anyone who wants to cut off has to ask the other 29 members of NATO to agree.

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