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The love story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda

Ancient Love Story

Esmeralda was a beautiful gypsy girl, a friend of beggars and poor people. Even the sanctimonious Notre-Dame priest Claude was secretly ecstatic for her. The priest has an unusually ugly bell ringer Quasimodo. Quasimodo received the priest’s will to take Esmeralda back to Notre Dame.

In the crisis, fortunately, Captain Phoebus rescued him, and Esmeralda secretly promised. The two are dating in a hotel, but Phoebes is attacked by a mysterious man in black. The court ruled that the man in black was the “evil” gypsy, Esmeralda. But no one expected that the murderer behind it was the most respected priest. Esmeralda was sentenced to hang, but was rescued by Quasimodo on the way and hid her in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame is tall and gloomy, and Quasimodo’s care is a good place for her to hide. At this time, Esmeralda understood Quasimodo’s kind heart. However, the king’s guard began to attack Notre Dame to capture Esmeralda, and Cosmodo swore to protect him. Distraught when he saw her body being pulled away, Quasimodo threw the real murderer, Father Flora, from the top floor of Notre Dame. Quasimodo found the place where Esmeralda’s body was placed, and hugged his beloved girl tightly.

For the priest Flo, Quasimodo has always obeyed the words of Flo, and was even willing to sacrifice himself to obey the order to steal the gypsy girl. But he didn’t know that the priest who often wore a black robe was actually just a selfish ghost. Do priests love girls? The answer is yes. The love of the priest is based on ego, on possession.

He replied to Quasimodo: “She followed me, on the street, in my dreams, all the time.” The priest’s love for Esmeralda was to have her, and to not allow anyone but himself to have him. Whether the man is a humble playwright or Captain Phoebus with the aura of status. The priest in a black robe secretly followed the gypsy girl, trying to eliminate all the men around her, and then put the bottles on the heating table while chanting Esmeralda’s name during the experiment.

Seeing Esmeralda hugging and kissing Phoebus, and even stabbing Phoebus with a jealous dagger in the name of love – I think this is probably the most extreme kind of love. In court, he hesitated, frowning and showing a look of embarrassment, but he never told everyone the truth. Although he couldn’t speak out because of his identity, it showed his selfishness even more. Flo’s selfishness lies not only in the vain attempt to possess Esmeralda, but also in the cowardice of concealing the truth for fear of taking responsibility in the subsequent events.

However, he also sighed the injustice of fate and carved words on the high wall of Notre Dame. He is a crooked person, who is selfish and cowardly under the mask of hypocrisy and often sighs with sadness in this unfair world.

For Phoebus, Phoebus is a captain with social status. On the first night, he rescued the gypsy girl and wanted to spend a wonderful night with her, but unfortunately the girl did not give face. A few days after they met again, the girl and her young husband were setting up a stall in the square. How to evaluate this person? Does he love her?

Different people have different views on love. Some people think that love is my willingness to give everything for her, some people think that love is a short-lived passion. Everyone has their own opinions and it is difficult to unify. Just don’t discuss Phoebus’s feelings for Esmeralda, anyway, this person is not dedicated enough. He could go to meet the daughter of a high-ranking official while reading Esmeralda to prepare for the wedding, and wink at the gypsy girl while looking back at the window about his career.

In short he is a realist and pragmatist. When Esmeralda was “imprisoned” in the high walls of Notre Dame, he didn’t even bother to lift his head. This once beautiful and shining beauty is just a plaything for him, and since you have been divided by death, you have no meaning to me.

Phoebus didn’t love her. Phoebus only loves himself, and pleasing and satisfying himself is the most important thing in the world. So there is no need to talk about whether he is selfish or not. For Quasimodo, his best impression of the girl in red should be the bowl of water she fed him when he was whipped. The ambiguous “you kind” was Quasimodo’s first impression of a gypsy girl.

He saved her just because he didn’t want to see her die. She called for help with a whistle, and for the first time Quasimodo did not leave Esmeralda’s side against the priest’s order. He picked flowers for her, gave her fruits and red scarves; he saw her dancing like a child with joy, running up and down the bell tower, playing the most beautiful music in his heart for her; he was even willing to go to Phoebus for her, Begged him to go to church to see her. Seeing this, I thought his love was selfless. However, when the Gypsies decided to open the church to save Esmeralda, he did not let her go.

He thought those men were soldiers who had destroyed the sanctuary, and they were going to kill his goddess. The only one who can save her is herself. So he said to Esmeralda, “Don’t come out, just wait.” He didn’t hear her crying, “Stop now, they are my friends.” Love blinds people, makes people Can’t see, can’t hear, there is only love in love. Quasimodo wants to defend his “love” and hopes to live forever in a small clock tower with a gypsy girl.

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