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What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

As we all know, the sea is very dangerous, and it is possible to encounter any unexpected situations at any time, such as piracy, murder, riots, etc. Have you heard the story of the top ten ghost ships in the world? Mysteries are happening on these ships, even secrets that cannot be explained by science.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Flying Dutchman

No sea legend is more famous than the Flying Dutchman. It has been used many times in painting creations, horror stories, movies, and even operas. The ship first appeared in George Lynton’s Botany Bay nautical book in the late 18th century, and the story has endured since then, thanks to countless fishermen and sailors claiming they’ve seen the ship.

The Flying Dutchman was a ship sailing from Amsterdam, captained by van der Waals Deken. We encountered extreme weather while sailing to the East Indies, passing the Cape of Good Hope. The captain gave orders to venture forward, swore to pass the Cape of Good Hope, and killed a crew member, an act considered insane. He even shouted: “Even if God sends me to sail to the end of the world, I will do my best!” But despite all his efforts, the ship was sunk by the storm. Legend has it that Van der Waals and his ghost ship will be cursed forever. Ocean Voyage. To this day, the story of the Flying Dutchman is still a gorgeous piece in the legend of the ghost ship. Everyone from fishermen to the Prince of Wales has claimed to have seen the ship on a seemingly endless voyage.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship found adrift in the Atlantic in 1872. The ship was seaworthy, with sails and food; but the life rafts, captain’s notes, logbooks, and all the crew were gone. There was no sign of a fight, and neither the crew’s belongings nor 1,500 barrels of wine had been touched, which seemed to preclude a pirate attack. There is a lot of speculation about the fate of these crew members, some say it’s because of infighting, some say it’s because of food poisoning. The more credible theory is that the life raft was lost in a storm or some technical problem, and the crew died at sea. But this is all just speculation, no one knows what really happened.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Lady Lovibond

The British story of ghost ships has a long history, but the story of the Lady Lovibon seems to be the most famous. At the time, Simon, the captain of the Lady Lovibond, had just gotten married and decided to celebrate on board. He disregarded the saying that “bringing a woman on board would bring disaster”, he took his love aboard and set sail on February 13, 1748.

Unfortunately, his teammate Bi fell in love with his new wife. After the celebration, Bill was full of anger and jealousy, so he deliberately misdirected, causing the ship to sink on the notorious Golden Sands, killing everyone. Legend has it that every 50 years, the Madame Lovibon is seen in the nearby waters: in 1798, 1848 and 1898, several captains saw it. The scene at the time was so real that these captains even thought it was in distress and put down their life rafts to prepare for rescue. The Madame Lovibon reappeared in 1948. Whether or not it reappeared in 1998 has not been confirmed, but it is arguably the most famous ghost ship story in Europe.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

4. Joyita

The Joyita, a fishing vessel discovered in the South Pacific in 1955, was on its way to Tokelau with its crew and 25 passengers when the accident happened. It took a few hours for the Joyita to issue a distress report, and soon, rescue operations were launched and a large-scale aerial search and rescue was carried out, but the ship was strangely not found.

Until five weeks later, a merchant ship found the Joyita 600 miles away from the accident site, but the crew, passengers, cargo, life rafts, etc. all disappeared, and the hull was severely damaged. Further inspection revealed that the ship’s radio system had been tuned to a universal distress signal, and a medical kit and bloody bandages were also found on deck. But the crew and passengers were nowhere to be seen, and no one knew what was going on here. Some people say that pirates killed everyone and threw their bodies into the sea, which seems to be accepted.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Octavius

The story of the Octavian goes back to 1775. That year, a whaling ship accidentally encountered the Octavian while sailing in the waters off Greenland. When the lead crew boarded the ship, they found that all the crew and passengers had been frozen into ice. But it is surprising that Mr. Captain remained seated at his desk. Judging by the 1762 logbook on the table, the ship has been adrift at sea for 13 years.

According to legend, the captain was able to return to England quickly from the Northwest Passage, but unfortunately the ship was frozen in the ice. If the rumors are true, it means that the haunted houseboat David has completed the task of crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone, while the captain and crew have long since died.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. Baychimo

The Baychimo is one of the most amazing examples of ghost ships. After the ship was abandoned, it spent nearly 40 years drifting alone in the waters off Alaska. The ship, owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company, has been transporting fur products in northern Canada as a merchant vessel since the early 1900s. But in 1931, the Baychimo was hit by a hailstorm and was stranded near Alaska, and after several attempts to break out, the entire crew was safely airlifted out of danger. After the blizzard, people tried to tow the ship back from the distress, but the Hudson’s Bay Company had to make a decision to abandon the ship due to the severe damage to the hull. But here’s the surprise: In the 38 years since, instead of sinking, the ship was able to float on the sea alone, as if some force was holding it up.

The ship has become a myth, and is often seen dangling aimlessly by nearby Eskimos. People tried several times to get on, but always failed due to the weather. The Baychimo was last seen in the public eye in 1969, and then disappeared in the icy waters of Alaska. Some people say that the ship has sunk, and some people in recent years advocate the search for this ghost ship, which is almost 80 years old.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Carroll A. Deering

The most famous east coast ghost ship is the Carol Deering, a ship transporting coal from South America, which ran aground near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina in 1921, and ran aground At the infamous Diamond Shoal, you know, here is the famous “boat killer”.

When the Marine Guard arrived after several days of trek, they found the ship abandoned, with navigation equipment and logbooks missing along with the crew and two lifeboats, and there was no sign of a fight at the scene. Meanwhile, some other ships have also mysteriously disappeared. The most popular theory is that the ship was hijacked by pirates, or that there was internal infighting because the Carroll Deering’s chief mate had a feud with the captain, but there is no evidence for this; others say the ship may have been attacked by supernatural forces , on the grounds that the ship passes through the dreaded Bermuda Triangle.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The Ourang Medan

The story of the Medan Ourang took place in 1947. When two American crew members were passing through the Malacca Strait in Malancia, they received a distress signal. The signal was sent by the Dutch Medan Ourang. It is inferred that the captain and crew of the ship were dying at that time. The SOS was confusingly written and had a strange ending “I’m dead.” The American ship quickly arrived on the scene to rescue, but they found the Medan Ourang not in danger, but everyone on board, including the dog on board All dead. Moreover, their expressions are hideous, their postures are strange, and they are almost all pointing in the same direction, but there is nothing abnormal in that direction. Rescuers were ready to investigate further, but the ship caught fire and they had to evacuate.

Some time later, the Medan Ourang was said to have sank due to an explosion. People seem to accept the theory, but some details are still disputed, and there are various theories about the cause of the tragedy. One of the more mainstream claims is that the ship illegally smuggled nitroglycerin and other illegal poisons without taking proper safety measures, causing the poisonous gas to volatilize into the air and causing death; others say that the ship was attacked by UFOs or supernatural forces damaged by the attack.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. The SS Valencia

Was the Valencia a ship that sank in British Columbia in 906? Boats off the coast of Vancouver. The ship encountered bad weather at Cape Mendocino and hit a reef, and the hull began to flood. The crew immediately released lifeboats to rescue the 108 passengers on board, but some people were unfortunately still killed.

The Valencia eventually sank, and only 37 of the 180 people on board survived. Five months later, a fisherman found a life raft and eight human bones in a cave. Police launched an investigation but found nothing. That’s how the dramatic story came to an end, and this ending finally provided the source of the Valencia’s spooky tale. Sailors often say that they see ghosts floating on the sea near the Valencia, and 27 years after the Valencia sank, a life raft of the year was found in Buckley Bay, and even the original paint coating.

What are the mysterious stories of the top ten mysterious “ghost ships” in the world?

  1. Caleuche

The most famous mythology of Chilota in southern Chile describes the Caleuche, a ghost ship that appears at night on the islands near Chiloé. According to local rumors, the ship’s sails consciously collect the souls of those who died at sea. When the ship appeared, his image was bright and beautiful, and full of people’s laughter; but it didn’t take long for the legend to disappear into the vast sea. According to legend, the souls of those who died at sea were taken away by three mermaid water gods, Sirena Chilota, Pincoya, and Picoy. Once these spirits are on the ghost ship, they can continue to live their lives.
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