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Reviews Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World

One important cause of the misunderstanding that “The world is getting worse every day” of humans is “Negative instincts” that humans tend to see more bad things than good things In truth, our world is quietly better every day.

The world’s poorest level of population at level 1 of the illustrations in Chapter 1 accounts for 85% in the 1800s before being reduced to 50% in 1966 and at the current level of just 9%. A lot of people move their levels to level 2 and 3. While level 4 people like us don’t even notice The continuous development of the world includes many other areas such as

  • The average life expectancy of humans has increased from 60 years in 1973 to 72 years in 2017.
  • The proportion of child mortality has decreased from 44% in 1800 to 4% in 2016.
  • The use of ozone-depleting substances reduced from 1,663 kilotons to 22 kilograms
  • The number of nuclear missiles has been reduced from 64,000 in 1986 to 15,000 in 2017.
  • The proportion of reserved forest areas increased from 03% in 1900 to 14.7% in 2016.

If the goal of human development is to create freedom that allows every human being to do what he wants, then the number of “guitars” increased from 200 in a population of 1 million people in Year 1962 came in at 11,000. 2014 should be one of the indicators that can indicate this development very well. So why do humans view the world today to be worse?!? The principal influencing negative instincts consist of 3 main factors:

The fact that humans tend to forget the actual situation in the past and replace it with “Sweet memories” and often think that the past is so good.
The advancement in communication technology allows humans to receive more information and because humans are more interested in “drama” than the slow development of the world. Causing the news of one plane crash to be more important than the normal operation of all the remaining planes

The loss of “hope” because of problems that still occur in today’s world to make people hopeless and to see that the world is very bad. The factfulness approach that can control the negative instinct is “Keeping in mind that our world is better than you think. Only the news about the gradual development of this world is too boring. ”

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