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Another Flower

Another Flowe
Other name: 彼岸花
novel, romance
Anne Baby (Qingshan)
255 Pages

“Another Flower” is the first novel by Qingshan, the writer in the period of Anne Baby, telling a tangled love and hate story. Men and women in the city, the abbreviations of reflection in the story, intertwined, become a picture full of love and hatred.

Qiao is a woman who writes words, with a little divine essence, always looking for something that may not exist in this world. She wrote a novel about the story of a woman named Nan Sheng. Nan Sheng fell in love with the son of his father ’s mistress, Peace, but He did n’t want to carry this heavy love. Nan Sheng chose a An unexpected way to end this relationship between the two.

In real life, Joe has a Mori who can be called a boyfriend. Mori told Joe at the end: What you want is the other side of the flower, blooming elsewhere that is untouchable. “Another Flower” is Anne Baby’s first novel. Both Qiao and Nansheng had just made their debut, with a strong sense of student. The book takes them as the main line and travels around Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities. Life, work and love are complicated and changeable, and their fate is the same.

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