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What is World War 1 History?

War is one of the worst things humans have done to each other. Because whenever war occurs, it means the loss, damage and suffering of all parties. Regardless of which side is the final victory. For example, in the First World War, there were many years of fighting and loss. This lesson leads us to look back at the clues of the conflicts that What did this war start from? Which side won and how did Thailand play a role in this world war? Can follow the story straight away.

Causes of World War I

World War I was a war that began and centered in Europe. The cause of the conflict began on June 28, 1914, when the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. While visiting Sarajevo Capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Serfino Principe, Serbian nationalist Austria-Hungary believes that Serbia is behind such an act. Therefore submitted an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia It is a claim of 10 that is intended to be unacceptable and to ignite a war. When Serbia agreed to only 8 demands for Austria-Hungary Declared war on 28 July 1914.

The war accelerator has raged from the crux of the problem of the balance of power accumulated in many countries in Europe. Including economic competition The usurpation of the colonies and the alliance system, which was divided into two sides, the previous superpowers, which were divided into a trilateral contract consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and the trilateral agreement consisting of England, France, and Russia. Including the colonial nation of each country Were drawn to join the war Causing conflicts to spread rapidly all over the world.

World War I Battle Overview

The war began on July 28, 1914, the same day the war was declared. Austria-Hungary Opened the first invasion of Serbia For the German on the same side Opened the invasion of Belgium Was the beginning of a war that was too difficult to deter anymore.

This war is divided into two sides, the Tripartite Powers, with France, England, Russia and colonial countries. After that, there were additional superpowers participating, namely Imperial japan In August 1914, Italy in April 1915, and the United States of America In April of 1917

The other side is The Central Powers include the Austro-Hungarian Empire. German Empire and Colonial Lands From then, there was the Ottoman Empire. Joined in October 1914, and Bulgaria in 1915. There were neutral countries, the Netherlands, Spain and the Scandinavian countries. Although these countries may have used supplies and supplies to assist some countries in battle

The battle took place on the Western Front. Will be a trench-like battle (digging holes in many long, complicated ways In front of the barbed wire to resist the enemy) and the fortress, which was separated by wasteland The two sides of the defenses will stay parallel for more than 600 kilometers.

In the eastern front Due to being a wide plain and a limited railway network Making it impossible to battle trenches Although the violence is no different from the western side While the Middle East and Italian Front Also had fierce battles as well This battle is also the first time in the history of air combat.

After a long battle from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918, for a period of more than 4 years and 4 months, the winning sides were The allies, whose leaders are France, England, and Russia, were defeated. Central Powers That consists of Austro-Hungarian Empire Germany empire After the war many treaties were signed. But the important contract is Treaty of Versailles (Peace treaties Which ended the war between the Allies and the German Empire) on June 28, 1919.

The impact of World War I

One important result is The new map of Europe is drawn Causing great powers to lose a lot of their land

  1. The Austro-Hungarian Empire split into a new country, namely Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.
  2. The Ottoman Empire collapses The original land of some empires Were divided into colonies of war winners
  3. Germany has to pay a huge sum of war.
  4. Russian Empire Has lost a lot of western border land Became a new country, including Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

At the same time, the winners of the First World War have established the League of Nations as a multi-member organization. The objective is to solve international problems by means of diplomatic diplomacy in the United States. Becoming a free world power alongside England and France Russia became a socialist world power. Later, the power can be extended to integrate with regions such as Ukraine, Belarus etc. Announcing the establishment of the Union of Soviet Republics (USSR) in 1922.

The Treaty of Versailles Drafted by the parties to win the war for Germany and the 4th peace treaty with the allies of Germany In order for the loser to admit his guilt as the one who caused the war And have to pay the warfare Lost territory in both Europe and the colony Must reduce the military force with weapons And must be allied to occupy the land Until fulfilling the terms of the treaty But the loser countries did not participate in the drafting of the treaty. But was compelled to sign to accept the terms of the treaty Resulting in resistance in many countries, such as the formation of fascism in Italy Nazi in Germany and military dictatorship in Japan Which later All 3 major powers have partnered with each other. To oppose the free world and communism Called the Axis (Axis) has established a central organization to negotiate the resolution of international disputes. For security and world peace in the future

Thailand and World War 1

World War 1 occurred exactly as the year 1914. At that time, Thailand was neutral. But because King Rama VI That closely follows the war situation And saw that the German side was invading Therefore decided to declare war on Germany and Austria-Hungary on 22 July 1917, calling for volunteers for the flying squadron and the army vehicles. To join the battle in the European arena

To participate in this battle, Thai soldiers have many experiences. Both technical battles And the mechanic in the real war Thailand also changed the national flag with the elephant symbol. Is a tricolor flag for use in this regard as well

After the war The Allied factions that Thailand went to help win the battle Thailand has been invited to become a member of the Initiative of the League of Nations Which is a guarantee for national safety Also being honored to participate in the Treaty of Versailles Canceled the contract with Austria-Hungary and Germany Later, a monument related to this world war was erected. And in the military field Established the Department of Aircraft for the first time as well

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