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Want a Taste? 맛 좀 보실래요? (2019)

Wanna Taste? (2019)
Other Title: 맛 좀 보실래요? / Mat Jom Bosillaeyo? / Wanna Taste?

Genres: Drama, family
South Korea
Yoon Ryu Hae
Kim Do Hyun
Release Date:
November 12, 2019
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  • Shim Yi Young as Kang Hae Jin
  • Seo Do Young as Oh Dae Koo
  • Seo Ha Joon as Lee Jin Sang (Hae Jin’s husband)
  • Han Ka Rim (한가림) as Jung Joo Ri (Joon Hoo’s half-sister)
  • Lee Seul Ah (이슬아) as Bae Yoo Ran (Dae Koo’s wife)
  • Choi Woo Suk (최우석) as Jung Joon Hoo (Joo Ri’s half-brother)
  • Lee Duk Hee as Oh Ok Boon (Hae Jin’s mom)
  • Song In Kook (송인국) as Kang Chul Jin (Hae Jin’s younger brother)
  • Shin Bi (신비) as Lee Yoo Ri (Hae Jin & Jin Sang’s daughter)
  • Im Chae Moo as Lee Baek Soo (Jin Sang’s father)
  • Ahn Ye In (안예인) as Lee Jin Bong (Jin Sang’s younger sister)

Kang Hae Jin is a woman who puts her faith in something once she starts believing in it. She has a husband 6 years younger than her and puts him through law school. She also runs her father-in-law’s failing restaurant and brings it to success.

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