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Eleventh (2019)

Also known as: 第十一回, Dì shíyī huí, 11

Genre: Drama, Movies, Comedy, Family
Chen Jianbin
Chen Jianbin, Niu Jianrong, Niu Niu, Lei Zhilong
Release Date:
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  • Chen Jianbin
  • Zhou Xun
  • Dapeng Dou
  • Jingtong Chun
  • Xia Liu
  • Jinshan Yu
  • Qian Jia Bing

The 30 years ago, a homicide case was adapted into a stage play by the city repertory troupe. Ma Fuli (Chen Jianbin) was the subject of the homicide case, and the renewed mention of the old incidents made his life up again. Ma Fuli is busy entangled with Repertory Theatre director Hu Quentin (played by Dapeng), while looking for a lawyer to reverse the case and seek the truth to restore his innocence, and is also busy reconciling the tense relationship between his wife Jin Cailing (played by Zhou Xun) and daughter Jin Duoduo (played by Dou Jingtong) , Life has given him a lot of heavy hammer… After many years, can Ma Fuli reverse the case again? How many truths are there? Life is like a play, please take your seat.

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