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Antique Bureau Midgame (2020)

Antique Bureau Midgame (2020)
Other Title: 古董局中局之鉴墨寻瓷 / Gu Dong Ju Zhong Ju Zhi Dao Mo Xun Ci / Mystery of Antiques 2

Genres: Suspense, Mystery, Period
China Mainland
Guan Hu, Fang Gang Liang
Ma Bo Yong
Release Date:
Related Show:
Mystery of Antiques by Ma Bo Yong (马伯庸)


  • Xia Yu as Xu Yuan
  • Wei Chen as Yao Buran
  • Cai Wen Jing as Huang Yanyan
  • Chie Tanaka as Kido Kana

After the five veins made a wish to wash the shame of the traitor for the grandfather, he followed the old training and traced the old anti-counterfeiting group. However, the medicine of the same kind of brothers and sisters did not rely on the old pilgrimage, and wished to investigate alone. Fortunately, his girlfriend Huangyan smoke helped. In the tracing, he learned that the Qingming Shanghe map of the Forbidden City collection was false. This is a trap set by the Hong Kong auction company Bairuilian, which intends to monopolize the domestic antique real and fake market. The wish was almost in the middle, and it was a last resort to join hands with the old dynasty. Together with the medicine, the twists and turns finally proved that the Forbidden City was hidden as a real thing.

However, the old dynasty was not as old as it was. Wishing and yellow smoke have gone through all the hardships and dangers. They competed with the old dynasty for five cans of blue and white porcelain. Under the help of the undercover old group, the group’s medicine was used to uncover the mystery of the five cans, and to use the high seas to salvage the shipwreck, revealing that the old dynasty was lurking in the five veins. Shen Yunxiao. At this point, this and the five veins have passed down the millennium falsification group. Wishing to report his own feud, and more eradication of cancer in the antique industry.

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