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Who’s not Rebellious Youth (2019) 谁的青春不叛逆

Who’s not Rebellious Youth (2019)
Other Title: Graduation Season / 谁的青春不叛逆 / Shui De Qing Chun Bu Pan Ni / Shei De Qing Chun Bu Pan Ni / Rebellious Youth

Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, Youth, Drama
44 episodes
Mango TV
Release Date:
Nov 3, 2019
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  • Alan Yu as Lu Xiang
  • Rachel Mao as Tang Shi
  • David Liang as Lu Yin
  • Yin Qi as Tao Le
  • Qu Yu Tong as Wu Qing
  • Liu Ya Peng as Xue Shen

The TV series “Don’t Know Lushan True Face” used to be called “Who’s Youth Is Not Rebellious”, and it is also one of the “Youth Pie Series Trilogy” jointly launched by Kangxi Film and Zhengyi Film and Television. Following the “Graduation Season”, another youthful IP blockbuster, directed by Jiao Yongliang, has now been determined to be starred by the popular youngster Yu Yu and Mao Xiaowei and Liang Dawei. The male and female protagonists involved in the TV series “I don’t know the true face of Lushan” are deer and Tang poems. Originally, Luhan was just graduated from the sports science scum, and went to a game company to replace his brother’s identity, and the game company. Bai Fu .

Lu Xiang and Lu was a pair of brothers, and the two were raised by their parents and grandmothers for their parents. Luxiang is a university repeater, and Luhan is a returnee executive. The two brothers decided to exchange their lives for a few days and experience each other’s lives because they did not understand each other’s life and difficulties. Unexpected amnesia thought that he was a college student, and Lu Xiang was the new executive of the company to solve the problem of his brother company.

My brother went back to the graduation season in the university and witnessed the bitterness of the sportsmen when they graduated, and they had an indissoluble bond with the Sanda team. The younger brother caused a series of troubles in the company, and the Tang Dynasty poetry of the human resources department achieved a youthful relationship after undergoing the division and integration. In the end, his brother Deer untied his heart for a long time and was more happy to face life. His brother’s deer’s responsibilities and progress, not only led the students to succeed in business, but also provided more employment opportunities for sports students, encouraging more and more. More young people struggle hard.

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