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President’s 7th Lover

President’s 7th Lover (Novel)
Other Name: 总裁的7日恋人

Genre: Novel, romance
Author: An Zhin
Year: November 30, 2012
Chapter: 536
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“The President’s 7th Lover” is the latest work created by the well-known online writer An Zhin . It is the eighth romance novel that An knows . It mainly tells about “being my woman.” At the second meeting, he forced her to be his lover. He is an indifferent and ruthless president, and she is a fake daughter under the fence. Once by mistake, he tortured her for a day and night, she retaliated slightly, let him lose his reputation and forge a beam. Since then, she has become his exclusive doll.

First part

The heroine Gu Xiangyi, the hero Rongxi Gu
For the safety of herself and her family, she is false and cautious. The betrayal of her first love and the abandonment of her family left her with nowhere to go. But was that domineering person still so indifferent and unreasonable? They came together logically, and the original domineering and indifferent people can also be turned into soft fingers .

However, why did the grudges of the previous generation involve them? She had fortunately avoided the death flight, but she fell into another conspiracy. She was fortunate enough for the help of the nobles in the prison, and she changed her name, who didn’t want to hurt him. A few years later, she became an internationally renowned jewelry designer , but she still couldn’t escape his clutches. However, how do you love those who die? See how Xigu is so stubborn.

The second part

Actress Wen Jing, Actor Ye Tianyu
This is the first terrorist organizations, the Italian mafia , Mexico gang background interspersed with human cloning is romance text.

Volume One
He is indifferent, she is by his side, falsehood, and finally the fake act is true.

Volume Two
He thought she was dead and his world collapsed. However, God gave him another chance.

“The President’s 7-Day Lovers” is a collaboration with “Billion Wifes Buy One Get One Free” (published as “Billion Wifes Buy One Get One Free”, “The President’s Duplicate Ex-wife” (published as “Perfect Stand-in Lover”) and “Genius Magic Concubine I want it” (published as ” Genius Demon Concubine “) is the same series.


  1. Unlucky first encounter
  2. Young Master Rong was forced to kiss
  3. Young Shao is a beast
  4. Young Shao is a beast
  5. Fairy and white rabbit
  6. Buy you one night
  7. Robed beast you are dead
  8. The media caught rape in bed
  9. As good as Xiaoqiang
  10. Brother and sister quarrel
  11. Rong Shao became famous
  12. The toilet is too casual with the prince
  13. Young Shao is in a rage
  14. Guan Rui shows love
  15. Gossip is harmonized
  16. Ye Ershao has a heavy taste
  17. Brotherhood is very special
  18. Wait for the rabbit
  19. Why do men embarrass women
  20. Be my woman
  21. Be my woman
  22. Be my woman
  23. Take off
  24. Rong Shao’s bad temper
  25. Temperament beauties
  26. acting
  27. My woman
  28. Young Master, you are really scumbag
  29. No need to explain
  30. Young Master Rong
  31. New and old love
  32. Hickey
  33. Old lover come
  34. I give you freedom
  35. Male inferiority
  36. Langxin is like iron
  37. dirty
  38. Accidental injury
  39. dislocation
  40. Gentle old lover
  41. Gentle old lover
  42. Young Master Rong is very arrogant
  43. Take care of him if you have a disability
  44. Take care of him if you have a disability
  45. Last dignity
  46. Shao Rong really doesn’t have three views
  47. Uncertain
  48. Please him
  49. Rong Shao’s preferences
  50. Young Shao Rong is so picky eaters
  51. Entangled
  52. Best friend
  53. Yuanjia Road is narrow
  54. Best friend
  55. Buy it
  56. You have to wait for me
  57. Shao Rong is rude
  58. He is going to kill her
  59. At least with stars
  60. boss and little white rabbit
  61. get out
  62. Rong Shao dislikes good taste
  63. Cruise
  64. Light and light
  65. Got fancy
  66. I want to eat grapes
  67. caveat
  68. Love of vanity
  69. I just like you
  70. Comfortable embarrassment
  71. lie
  72. Chen Li sells well
  73. So mother and daughter
  74. So sister
  75. Heaven and Earth (Christmas plus more)
  76. Merry Christmas to all readers!
  77. Heaven and Earth
  78. Heaven and Earth
  79. Heaven and Earth
  80. Shao Rong crushed the wine glass
  81. Stunner
  82. Mother, don’t leave me
  83. Do you dare to move my person?
  84. No laugh
  85. fury
  86. Happy New Year from Xiaoxiao to Readers in 2013
  87. My woman, how can I allow others to bully
  88. Brother Rong
  89. You are the worst man i have ever seen
  90. Rong Shao is a bully
  91. Rong Shao and Ye Er Shao catch the rape together
  92. Fighter in the scum
  93. Affordable and superb
  94. Your whole family has thick skins
  95. Suitable to enter GK
  96. Appropriate to emerge
  97. Taobao’s knockoffs
  98. Suitable situation
  99. Love also comes first
  100. Midnight call (for gold medal)
  101. Today you want to marry me (plus more for gold)
  102. Suitable is a little white-eyed wolf (seeking a gold medal)
  103. Little don’t win newlyweds
  104. Rong Shao is a cute thing (plus more for gold)
  105. Dese’s little girl (for gold medal)
  106. It is suitable to complain, Rong Shao abuses herself
  107. Women who are underweight are all flat-chested (seeking gold medal)
  108. Engagement banquet (for gold medal plus more)
  109. Look good
  110. Suitable is a vixen (plus more gold medal)
  111. Make problems with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in advance
  112. Don’t you even want me?
  113. Young Shao is a bully (plus more for gold)
  114. Rong Shao’s awkward and gentle
  115. Men who smoke are also attractive
  116. Late confession (plus more for gold)
  117. A pair of drunks (seeking gold medal plus more)
  118. Young Master Rong is very considerate
  119. Gloom phobia (seeking gold medal plus more)
  120. Deep Throat Kiss
  121. I bleach you with bleach
  122. Mr. Wood is here (for gold medal)
  123. Wisdom Wood
  124. Young Shao is proud again (for gold medal)
  125. Romantic (add word for gold medal)
  126. Beauty
  127. Beautiful and sharp (for gold medal)
  128. Rong Shao fakes a doctor (add word for gold medal)
  129. Beasts, beasts (for gold medal)
  130. Recruiting bees and butterflies (for gold medals)
  131. Hesitating love (add more words for gold medal)
  132. I’m tired of playing (seeking gold medal)
  133. My girlfriend is broken again (for gold medal)
  134. Young Shao is very sad (add more words for gold)
  135. I want to raise a girlfriend and I am under pressure (for gold medal)
  136. We are sick together (seeking gold medal)
  137. Temporarily show up (add more words for gold medal)
  138. Affordable is very desperate (for gold medal)
  139. Misfortune and happiness
  140. I am her boyfriend (add more words for gold medal)
  141. Entangled (for gold medal)
  142. Sturdy girlfriend (for gold medal)
  143. The abandoned daughter of the Chen family (add more words for gold)
  144. Bad people lose money (seeking gold medal)
  145. Don’t give me a hug because I am ugly (for gold medal)
  146. Gary finds suitable (add more words for gold medal)
  147. What jewellery does Rong Shao suit (seeking gold medal)
  148. I must not be your daughter (for gold medal)
  149. Young Master Rong has no demeanor (add more words for gold medal)
  150. Be awkward (for gold medal)
  151. Rong Shao’s gift (for gold medal)
  152. Title is a big problem (for gold medal)
  153. I didn’t cherish my princess (seeking gold medal)
  154. You should go to the ophthalmology department (for Rong Shao ask for a gold medal)
  155. Rong Shao picks a thorn (add more words for gold medal)
  156. A suitable turnip green vegetable plan (for gold medal)
  157. Brother Rong’s anti-repression (for gold medal)
  158. Kick him out of bed (add more words for gold)
  159. Young Shao has been very connotative recently (seeking gold medal)
  160. Sugar Little Princess (for gold medal)
  161. Really awakened (add more words for gold medal)
  162. Very bad encounter (for gold medal)
  163. Hot girl and bandit (for gold medal)
  164. Skip class for Rong Shao
  165. I have left your life (for gold medal)
  166. It is suitable to be late (for gold medal)
  167. Bastard, happy birthday (plus more gold medal)
  168. I’m not a widow when you die
  169. Young Shao is very depressed
  170. °Rong Shao wearing a scarf
  171. Cross and Gu Xiaochen’s gossip
  172. Rong Shao’s second birthday present
  173. Sensitive ears
  174. B youth and literary youth (for gold medal)
  175. Such a love rival (for gold medal)
  176. Miss Helen is so happy (seeking gold medal at the end of the month)
  177. Babes and bandits
  178. Babes and bandits
  179. Make up a birthday
  180. Grandma is hospitalized
  181. Caring Rong Xigu
  182. I highly recommend President Yiwen, you have admitted the wrong person
  183. Young Master Rong is very filial
  184. Grandma Gu’s sadness
  185. My child will be surnamed Gu
  186. Gu Xiaochen returned home
  187. Gu Xiangyi and Gu Xiaochen
  188. Children of Jewelry Family
  189. Female mummy is so much nonsense
  190. Rong Shao gets Grandma Gu’s favor
  191. Untitled
  192. Klos is coming
  193. Suitable is a little liar
  194. Cross and Rong Shao two father and son
  195. I wish you all a happy, healthy and happy Year of the Snake
  196. You are my cash cow
  197. Rong Shao cheated
  198. I don’t dislike your figure (for gold medal)
  199. Family heirloom
  200. New product launch conference (for gold medal)
  201. GK plagiarism gate (for gold medal)
  202. Plagiarism gate
  203. Strive on the basis of reason (seeking gold medal)
  204. Tear face (for gold medal)
  205. Persecution (for gold medal)
  206. Rong Shao is here (for gold medal)
  207. My woman (for gold medal)
  208. I won’t let you lose
  209. Who are you mine (Seeking gold medal)
  210. I want to be your girlfriend (for gold medal)
  211. Father and son so entangled (for gold medal)
  212. Father and son embarrassed
  213. Father and son embarrassed
  214. Close and Gu Xiaochen
  215. Persuade
  216. Gu Xiaochen feels bad
  217. Yuanjia Road is narrow (for gold medal)
  218. She is my disciple (for gold medal)
  219. Lao Tzu is also romantic (seeking gold medal)
  220. Rong Shao accompany suitable class (seeking gold medal)
  221. Bring boyfriend to class (for gold medal)
  222. Good maintenance Gu Xiaochen (for gold medal)
  223. Old photos of Gu Xiaochen (for gold medal)
  224. Blind date
  225. Gu Xiaochen’s coldness (for gold medal)
  226. Sad past (for gold medal)
  227. Sad past (for gold medal)
  228. Sad past
  229. Accommodating girlfriend
  230. Accommodating girlfriend
  231. Cozy vacation
  232. What a coincidence
  233. Mother and daughter meet
  234. Come to mediate
  235. Contradiction between father and son
  236. I spoil her
  237. Fuss
  238. He was an accident
  239. Harmony
  240. Is it pregnant?
  241. A woman is worthless after chasing her hand (for a gold medal)
  242. Unacceptable (seeking gold medal)
  243. Lose upside down (for gold medal)
  244. I’ll avenge you (for gold medal)
  245. power of love (for gold medal)
  246. Break the good deeds (for a gold medal)
  247. I’m not sorry (for gold medal)
  248. Unexpected old photos (for gold medal)
  249. You are my daughter (for gold medal)
  250. Out of control suitability (for gold medal)
  251. Embarrassing situation (for gold medal)
  252. Rong Ji (for gold medal)
  253. Rong Ji (for gold medal)
  254. Gu Xiaochen and Chen Li (for gold medal)
  255. Alienation (seeking gold medal)
  256. Alienated
  257. Bandit hot girl in harmony
  258. Bandit hot girl in harmony
  259. Bandit hot girl in harmony
  260. Chen Jieyun apologized
  261. Just like
  262. Are you going to break up
  263. Rong Shao’s past
  264. Rong Shao’s past
  265. Such a rival
  266. Where is better than me
  267. Be brave
  268. Know the truth
  269. Can not accept
  270. Granny gas hospitalized
  271. Grandma passed away
  272. I will not leave you
  273. Rong Shao’s affection
  274. Chen Li slanders Gu Xiaochen
  275. Close holds a press conference
  276. Rong Shao beats Cross
  277. I don’t expect, but you are proud
  278. Rong Rong is here
  279. Midnight Fright
  280. Frightened
  281. Xigu, I miss you so much
  282. A flower
  283. Taboo love
  284. I do not like her
  285. Did she hurt you?
  286. Fight between two women
  287. Take a walk to your doorstep
  288. Can you make me relax?
  289. He has been busy recently
  290. Dog blood incident
  291. let’s break up
  292. Accident
  293. I don’t need to love her
  294. Helpless
  295. A check and ticket
  296. How cruel is your heart?
  297. Let me hug
  298. Accidentally ran to jail
  299. A long month
  300. Mr Wood
  301. Marriage by accident
  302. Her new life
  303. perfect life
  304. Know their news from the news
  305. Actually gave birth to a foreign girl
  306. Good luck from a girl
  307. Tongtong one year old
  308. Her bole
  309. Get what you want
  310. Encountered on the streets of Paris
  311. Secretly inquiring about him
  312. Famous overnight
  313. Change dad
  314. Violent daughter
  315. Yu Jie is very calm
  316. I am your lover in your last life
  317. Eat, play, sleep
  318. Bring Tongtong home
  319. Family Fun
  320. Young Master Rong was forced to kiss
  321. frank
  322. Reliable buddies
  323. Tongtong Little Master
  324. Mother and daughter meet
  325. Wish me forever nineteen
  326. Reunited
  327. Losing love is just a small matter
  328. Close’s mailbox message
  329. He has a daughter
  330. Need both
  331. She is our only topic
  332. I’m like a fool
  333. Affordable
  334. Why are you here to provoke me
  335. Your life has nothing to do with me
  336. Affordable and frank
  337. Wood is great
  338. Job transfer
  339. Let’s draw a sketch
  340. Agree to transfer
  341. Made us have a relationship
  342. Can you love me again
  343. A different kind of reunion
  344. Those things she didn’t know
  345. Naive father and son
  346. Sisters meet
  347. A dead knot
  348. Little princess to steal the spotlight
  349. I had a car accident
  350. Shameless young man
  351. The logic of beasts
  352. Entertainment is basically right-handed
  353. Tangtang is a young and beautiful girl
  354. Lin Diyun was injured
  355. Jiaqi, forgive me
  356. Gu Tongtong who loves beautiful
  357. Crazy mother
  358. Arrogant again
  359. Don’t leave me again
  360. Hidden love
  361. Prince’s Romance
  362. He messed up suitable work
  363. Decided to travel
  364. The prince has always been awkward
  365. No one can convince anyone
  366. Mr. Cold, come and spoil me
  367. Mr. Cold is finally here
  368. Self-harm is also a joy
  369. She went to see Rong Rong
  370. Relieved
  371. Chased in time
  372. (End of Volume One)
  373. Jing, I miss you [1]
  374. Volume 2: My Red Rose
  375. I don’t need another Suzaku
  376. Come back home
  377. Her shadow everywhere
  378. A bad fate
  379. Mexican Thorn family conflict
  380. Five sons raised an idiot
  381. Baby, don’t be afraid
  382. Feidi seizes power
  383. Blood red mole
  384. Pick up a butcher knife and become a demon right away
  385. Take her to relax
  386. Feidi’s tenderness
  387. Come into my arms
  388. You still have me
  389. very perfect
  390. Ajing is the only one
  391. Human clone
  392. She is everything to him
  393. So-called threat
  394. Turn danger to bargain
  395. Wen Jing
  396. I am Wen Jing
  397. When will you die
  398. Suddenly crazy
  399. Angela is going to London too
  400. Trip to london
  401. Think of her again
  402. Everything is her first
  403. Find a Chinese restaurant
  404. Everyone listen to the concert
  405. Dreaming of the past
  406. concert
  407. concert
  408. concert
  409. concert
  410. concert
  411. concert
  412. Angela and Wenjing
  413. Angela and Ye Tianyu
  414. Ye Tianyu and Angela
  415. He wants to learn chinese
  416. Dayewen’s family came out to make soy sauce
  417. Angela and warm
  418. Warm and angela
  419. Cozy family
  420. The difference in human cloning
  421. Human cloning and maternity
  422. Angela woke up
  423. Erupted
  424. Erupted
  425. Ye Tianyu found her
  426. She wants a small five
  427. Thunderstorm
  428. Can’t let you go
  429. Her song
  430. She loves him
  431. She loves him down
  432. Call home
  433. She was taught by me
  434. Close to the horizon
  435. I didn’t believe you
  436. Jungle life
  437. Crazy kiss
  438. I’ll say goodbye to you
  439. Five, sorry
  440. Three years later, the princess of Mo Bai’s family
  441. The upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked
  442. Princes of Moyao Family
  443. Kids on the island
  444. Lin Lin had an accident
  445. Mu Mu is guilty
  446. Wen Jing is the only hope
  447. Ye Wei’s warning
  448. Exchange Wenjing’s corpse for Wenjing
  449. Hard choice
  450. Hard choice
  451. Thousand Cloud Island
  452. Children are always pistachios
  453. Love husband
  454. Mumu’s request
  455. I am married, you marry
  456. Don’t want to live rationally
  457. Unsolvable proposition
  458. Did the younger uncle kneel before the older one?
  459. compromise
  460. Wen Jing is not Wen Jing
  461. Just right to stay
  462. Let’s talk
  463. Where is his Jing?
  464. She is Wen Jing
  465. Yuan Que is a little fat man
  466. Yuan Que is a little fat man
  467. do not leave
  468. Ye Feimo learned the truth
  469. Cozy family
  470. Past nightmare
  471. Gentle shackles
  472. Do you regret meeting me?
  473. Can only be tied together for a lifetime? necessary
  474. Nightmare
  475. Mysterious gift
  476. Mystery gift
  477. His red rose
  478. Stalker Ye Tianyu
  479. Mo Yao is very bored
  480. A best
  481. Jing, you are so beautiful
  482. Jing, you are so beautiful
  483. Sweet ambiguity
  484. Ye Family’s Rogue
  485. Her instructor
  486. His romance
  487. His romance
  488. His romance
  489. His romance
  490. Warm and non-mo come
  491. Fei Mo and warmth are here
  492. Sisters meet
  493. Sisterhood
  494. Her occupation
  495. Her occupation
  496. Teach her to shoot
  497. Whose marksmanship is good
  498. faith
  499. faith
  500. faith
  501. Absolute authority
  502. Leaving Qianyun Island
  503. Nice desert
  504. Nice desert
  505. Nice desert
  506. Pretty desert
  507. Nice desert
  508. See wife nosebleed
  509. See wife nosebleed
  510. Star in the desert
  511. Pretty desert
  512. Their past
  513. Their past
  514. I want to die
  515. panicked
  516. Future plan
  517. Meet Feidi
  518. Meet Feidi
  519. Master Ye is jealous
  520. keep away
  521. Bitterness
  522. Share adversity
  523. Share adversity
  524. Share adversity
  525. Wen Jing is dead
  526. season finale
  527. After the day is over
  528. Go home
  529. I got married outside
  530. Amorous night
  531. Christmas Eve
  532. This is my husband
  533. Tianyu’s troubles
  534. Christmas Eve for a family of four
  535. Christmas gift
  536. Extraordinary ending

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