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Tag: Korean Plot

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 26 Recap

The king, who had nowhere to vent his anger, forgot what he had discussed with Mung Bean, and rushed into the prison to blame Yun Ning for what she did […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 25 Recap

Seeing Dongzhu’s exhausted look, Mung Dou asked her with concern. Dongzhu felt very uncomfortable when she recalled what Lu Wu had said, but she didn’t tell the truth to Mung […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 24 Recap

When he returned to the palace again, Dongzhu saw the empress in the nave arguing with the guard at the door, walked to the front, and realized that the empress […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 23 Recap

There was a chaos at the scene. On the one hand, the emperor ordered Yun Ning to escort Yun Ning and comforted the crying nave empress. On the other hand, […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 22 Recap

After dealing with the big school, Che Luwu and his team discussed the plan. When Jin Ai came back, he told the two widows that everything was planned by Che […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 21 Recap

Suddenly, the king found the old couple who had collected the bodies of Dongzhu’s family. The old couple dared not lift their eyes in fright under the dragon’s might. The […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 20 Recap

When the king learned that Zheng Yun was escaping, Long Yan was furious and ordered his subordinates to catch Zheng Yun in front of him whether he was dead or […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 19 Recap

The original all-mung bean design Che Luwu wanted to rescue Huang Er. But who knows that no matter how Master Huang persuades, Huang Er still refuses to leave Che Luwu. […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 18 Recap

After coming out of the casino, Mung Bean took out the money Dongzhu had brought, but it was an eye-opener that Dongzhu actually took out all the money from that […]

Psychopath Diary Episode 1 Recap

Lu Dongzhi explained to the police that he had killed seven people and was arrested. Facing the reporter’s interview, he was frank that he was just a psychopath. After speaking, […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 16 Recap

When Yangen heard that Mung Dou and the others were going to Hanyang, he said that he planned to go to Hanyang, but when they arrived at Hanyang City, not […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 15 Recap

After Mung Bean rescued Dongzhu and wiped out several bandits around him, he was already exhausted. At this time, four more fierce bandits surrounded him. Mung Bean put Dongzhu aside […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 14 Recap

On the way back, Mung Bean summoned Dongzhu intimately, saying that Dongzhu’s shoes were not good because it was wet. Dongzhu told Mung Bean that he was worried about the […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 13 Recap

The people who had escaped under the hands of the Martyrs Group told His Royal Highness that the assassins before them were all women and were wearing plain clothes. His […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 12 Recap

Mung bean’s father held a knife and asked what the supervisor wanted to do with mung beans. At the same time, his Highness broke into the supervisor’s house without notice, […]