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Tag: Chinese Actor

Jia Zheng Yu 贾征宇 (Actor)

Jia Zheng Yu (Actor)Other Name: Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: March 5, 1993Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Jilin, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: Asa FilmEducation:Official website:Music group: TV Drama Series: Sweet Tai Chi (2019) Life of […]

Ding Ze Ren 丁泽仁 (Actor)

Ding Ze Ren (Actor)Other Name: 丁泽仁 / Ding Ze Ren / Dzr / Ding Zeren / 이니 Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: November 19, 1999Occupation: Actor, singerBirthplace: Henan, ChinaHeight:Weight:Star sign:Chinese zodiac:Talent Agency: […]

Bi Wen Jun 毕雯珺 (Actor)

Bi Wen Jun (Actor)Other Name: 毕雯珺 / Bevan / Bi Wenji / Wen Jun Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: November 21, 1997Occupation: Chinese singer and actor. Birthplace: Fushun, ChinaHeight: 187 cmWeight: 67 […]

Zhu Yuan Bing (Actor)

Zhu Yuan Bing (Actor)Other Name: 朱元冰 / Zhu Yuan Bing / Ryan Zhu / Ryan Zhu Yuanbing Nationality: ChineseGender: Male Born: January 11, 1995 Occupation: Actor, Singer, Host Birthplace: Shanghai, […]

Xu Kai (Actor)

Xu Kai (Actor)Other Name: 许凯 / Xu Kai / Kevin Xu / Soso / Kai Soso / Kevin Xu Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: March 5, 1995Occupation: Actor and modelBirthplace: ChinaHeight: 185cmWeight: […]

Qiang Chuan 强川 (Actor)

Qiang Chuan 强川 (Actor)Other Name: Qiang Chuan / 强川 / Xiao Chuan Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: 22 December 1993Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Xi’an, Shaanxi, ChinaHeight: 6′ 0″ (182 cm)Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: […]

Yuan Hao 袁昊 (Actor)

Yuan Hao (Actor)Other Name: Yuan Hao / 袁昊 / 袁昊 / Yuan Hao Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: October 10, 1996Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Beijing, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Education: […]

Wang Run Ze 王润泽 (Actor)

Wang Run Ze (Actor)Other Name: Wang Run Ze / 王润泽 / Wang Run Ze / Wang Runze Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: November 28, 1993Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Anhui, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese […]

Wang Bo Wen 王博文 (1994)

Wang Bo Wen (1994) (Actor)Other Name: 王博文 / Wang Bo Wen / หวัง โบเวน Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: May 18, 1994Occupation: Actor, Singer, model, actor, television personality, professional table tennis playerBirthplace: […]

Ray Ma 马天宇 (Actor)

Ma Tianyu 马天宇 (Actor)Other Name: Ma Tianyu / 马天宇 / Ray Ma Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: 12 July, 1986Occupation: Actor and singerBirthplace: Dezhou, Shandong, ChinaHeight: 180cmWeight: 63kgStar sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent […]

Liu Yi Tong 刘怡潼 (Actor)

Liu Yi Tong (Actor)Other Name: 刘怡潼 / Liu Yi TongNationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: July 31, 1997Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Chaoyang Height: 181CMWeight: 72KGStar sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Duomeng CultureEducation: Beijing Film Official […]

Chen Xing Xu 陈星旭 (Actor)

Chen Xing Xu (Actor)Other Name: 陈星旭 / Chen Xing Xu / เฉิน ซิงซวี่ / Xing Xu / 九日(哥哥or弟弟) / 亮亮 / Oliver Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: March 31, 1996Occupation: Actor Birthplace: […]

Liu Hao Ran 刘昊然 (Actor)

Liu Hao Ran (Actor)Other Name: 刘源 / Liu Yuan / 刘昊然 / Liu Hao Ran / Turbo Liu Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: October 10, 1997Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Pingdingshan, Henan, ChinaHeight: 1.84 mWeight: […]

Luo Zheng 罗正 (Actor)

Luo Zheng (Actor)Other Name: 罗正 / Luo Zheng Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: October 13, 1995Occupation: actor, singer, and idol Birthplace: Guizhou Province, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: MR-XEducation: […]

Pan You Cheng 潘宥诚 (Actor)

Pan You Cheng (Actor)Other Name: 潘宥诚 / Pan You Cheng Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: July 4, 1994Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Zhejiang, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Mango StudioEducation: Official website: […]