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Zhang Bin Bin

Zhang Bin Bin (Actor)
Other Name: 张彬彬 / Zhang Bin Bin / Vin

Nationality: Han
January 19, 1993
Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
183 Cm
70 kg
Star sign: 
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Jay Walk Studio (Jiaxing Media)
Shanghai Theatre Academy (2012-)
Official website:
Music group:

Zhang Binbin, born on January 19, 1993 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, is a film and television actor in Mainland China and graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. In 2014, he entered the entertainment circle because of his participation in the youth idol drama ” Micro Times “. In 2015, starred in the youth web drama ” The Year in a Hurry: Long Time No See “. In 2016, it was well-known by the audience for the romance drama ” Lonely Empty Garden Spring Desire “; in the same year, the city love idol drama “A Slight Smile is Allure ” , which appeared in a special role, gained more attention. In 2017, his starring romantic drama ” Beautiful Li Huizhen ” was broadcast; in the same year, he starred in the costume martial arts drama ” Qin Shiliren Mingyuexin “. In January 2019, the costumed martial arts drama “The Little Girl Does Not Abandon ” was broadcast.

TV Drama Series:

  • Song of the Moon (2022) as Lu Li / Luo Ge
  • Be Together (2021) as Xu Chengyi
  • Eight Strange Cases of the Republic (2021)
  • Rattan (2021) as Qin Fang
  • Storm Eye (2021) as Feng Shang
  • Love Is Fate (2019) as Xia Yuhang
  • I Will Never Let You Go (2019) as Chen Yu / Lian Yike
  • The Flame’s Daughter (2018) as Zhan Feng
  • The King’s Woman (2017) as Yin Zheng
  • Eternal Love (2017) as Li Jing
  • Pretty Li Hui Zhen (2017) as Lin Yimu
  • Love O2O (2016) as KO
  • Invisible Wings (2016) as Duan Gang
  • The Legend of the Monster (2016) as Liu Di
  • Chronicle of Life (2016) as Nalan Rongruo
  • Long Time No See (2015) as Qiao Ran
  • Ai De M Xing Zhuan Wan (2014) as Xiao Jiang
  • V Love (2014) as Han Dingyi

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